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Secretly Smitten

687137_w185Secretly Smitten delivers four entertaining contemporary romance novellas.

I’ve been busier than usual this past week and have only had time to read the first two stories in this book and part of the third, but thoroughly enjoyed each of them. In Secretly Smitten we get to see the original Smitten casts cousins: Tess, Clare, Zoe, and their mother Anna find love. There is also a mystery that begins in the fist story involving their grandma Rose and some dog tags. In each story the girls get a little closer to solving the mystery of the dog tags.

Normally I would give you a summary of each book, but since I’ve only completely read the first two I will summarize those.

In book one we meet the owner of the toy shop, Tess Thomas. When dog tags belonging to Grandma Roses first love are found in the attic, Tess determines to find out why they are in her attic. Her first course of action is to search the attic of the man’s childhood home, which is now owned by widower, Ryan Stevenson.

Book two highlights the youngest of the girls, Zoe. She is known for switching jobs frequently and never going to college. Zoe has an idea to start a dating service. She will hold events for singles to mingle and get to know one another. Her family thinks she will fail, but they all pitch in to help her succeed anyway.

It looks like she will be ready to open her storefront business in time for the first scheduled mixer until William Singer, the new city manager, warns her that the shop isn’t up to code. Zoe ignores his warning and proceeds to plan the mixer.

I don’t want to tell you too much about either of these stories because I don’t want to spoil them for you. They are both fun reads and I can’t wait for a little free time to be able to finish the next two stories in Secretly Smitten.