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Deadly Legacy The Inheritance with Margaret Daley

Legacy of Secrets. Threats and Danger. Second Chances.

From USA Today Bestselling author, Margaret Daley, is another romantic suspense from her series Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations.

Deadly Legacy MargaretDown on her luck, single mom, Lacey St. John, believes her life has finally changed for the better when she receives an inheritance from a wealthy stranger. Her ancestral home she’d thought forever lost has been transformed into a lucrative bed and breakfast guaranteed to bring much-needed financial security. Her happiness is complete until strange happenings erode her sense of well-being. When her life is threatened, she turns to her neighbor, Sheriff Ryan McNeil, for help. He promises to solve the mystery of who’s ruining her newfound peace of mind, but when her troubles escalate to the point that her every move leads to danger, she’s unsure who to trust. Is the strong, capable neighbor she’s falling for as amazing as he seems? Or could he be the man who wants her dead?

1-Margaret Daley photo small-jpgMargaret Daley, a USA Today’s Bestselling author of one hundred books (five million plus sold worldwide), has been married for over forty years and is a firm believer in romance and love. When she isn’t traveling, she’s writing love stories, often with a suspense thread and corralling her three cats that think they rule her household. To find out more about Margaret visit her website at http://www.margaretdaley.com.







Navy Seal Noel giveaway with Liz Johnson

This week I am please to welcome a new to me author, Liz Johnson. She write romantic suspense for Love Inspired Suspense. Welcome LizPlease tell us about Navy SEAL Noel.

Liz Johnson Bk CoverAbducted by a drug cartel, scientist Jessalynn McCoy’s orders are simple—release a deadly toxin, or be killed. Trapped with no options, she’s desperate for help…she just never expected it from Will Gumble. The boy who let her down years ago is now a navy SEAL. She trusts his skills, his experience. Yet trusting him is a struggle. Will’s Christmas wish is to heal their damaged relationship and get them to safety. But time is running out and someone is on to their escape plans. Any mistake could mean the difference between facing the holidays together or apart. Forever.

Do you have a favorite scene you’d like to share with us? This is one of my favorite scenes from early in the book.

A gentle thud against the door sent her heart into overdrive, all traces of sleep tossed aside. She leaned forward, her grip on the wrench sending spasms through her fingers. Taking a shaky breath, she blinked into the darkness as the telltale rattle of a doorknob sounded. The inside lock held. But for how long?

A shadow briefly blocked the light seeping beneath the door, the feet there moving soundlessly.

She gasped for breath, the heavy, humid air like a wet towel draped across her nose and mouth.

It was now or never. She could wait for the man to enter, to investigate the room and find her in the corner. Or she could face him with the element of surprise.

She scrambled toward the entrance, the sound of her shuffling feet echoing against the cinder blocks no matter how she tried to muffle her steps.

A hiccup surprised her, and she slapped her palm over her mouth to mute the obnoxious noise.

The lock clicked, and she held her breath as she slipped behind the door, painfully swallowing another hiccup. The sound of her pounding heart seemed to fill the room as the flimsy wooden slats swung open, leaving a narrow beam from the courtyard security light spilling across the floor. The shadow of a broad man filled the gap. His movements silent, his motions sure, he closed the door after stepping inside.

This was her only chance. Her only hope of protecting herself.

If Jess could fight him off now, maybe word would spread that she wasn’t to be trifled with.

The wrench weighed more than a school bus, and was almost as unwieldy, as she swung it toward his head. She had to knock him out, or at least to the ground. Then maybe she could even make a run for it.

Just before the metal connected with the barely visible outline of his skull, he ducked and lifted an arm. The tool glanced off his shoulder, grazing his neck. In a flash he grabbed it, and before she could let go, he jerked it behind her back, leaving her arm twisted and useless. Fire screamed up to her kinked shoulder.

He promptly cut off her shriek with a callused hand clamped over her mouth. His steely arm pinned hers to her side and pressed her body against his chest. She writhed and shook, trying to free herself, but the wall of muscle at her back didn’t even seem to register her struggle. Her frantic effort only made her lungs burn for the oxygen he was depriving her of.

When her head began spinning in earnest, her muscles went limp and her fight ebbed away.

Only then did she realize that the man was speaking softly in her ear, his whispered breath fanning the trembling muscles of her neck.

“Jess, calm down. I won’t hurt you.” The words made no sense to her muddled brain, but they continued, quiet and assured. “Don’t scream. It’s all right. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

It wasn’t the words that made her sink into him, but the voice that, even after all this time, she’d recognize anywhere. Her eyes hadn’t been playing tricks on her that afternoon. Will Gumble was in this compound. In her very room.

“I thought I saw you—I thought that was you, but…” Her words were little more than a whisper despite his assurance that it was safe to speak. Her stomach pitched, fear and relief mingling with alarm and the echo of a remembered betrayal. But dealing with her emotions would have to wait until she felt steadier on her feet. Exhaustion and the ebbing of her fight-or-flight adrenaline rush had left her legs like jelly. She leaned into Will. He held out his arms, as though he knew just what she needed. As though he was still someone who cared about taking care of her, being there for her.

But she didn’t want him holding her. She wanted answers. She wanted to understand what on earth was happening. Most of all, she wanted to silence the little voice in her head that kept saying Will’s appearance was simply a dream or hallucination.

Yanking herself upright at the last possible moment, she shoved his chest with both hands. “You scared me to death! Why did you break into my room? What are you doing here?”

His lopsided grin had always started with a little quirk to the left before spreading across his mouth. And that hadn’t changed, even as he looked down at the tiny black-and-white-checkered floor tiles.

He scraped his fingers over the black whiskers covering his chin. “Your dad sent me.”

“My dad?”

“Well, I couldn’t say no to my new XO, could I?”

“So you’re still in the navy?” Oh, she sounded bitter—so much more bitter than she wanted to. Why couldn’t her words be flippant and nonchalant, as if it didn’t really matter that she no longer knew even the most basic things about him? He’d popped back into her life, and she didn’t want it to matter.

But it did.

Maybe because of the extreme situation.

Sure. She’d just keep telling herself that.

His smile flickered for a moment before he nodded slowly. “I am.”

Forcing a chuckle, she said, “I figured when my dad realized I was missing, he’d send a SEAL team to bring me home.”

“Not a full team—he just sent one.”

Did you do any special research for this book? I’ve been writing about United States Navy SEALs for the last three years, so I’ve spent a lot of time reading memoirs and biographies of SEALs. I find that most helpful to get inside the mind of these fierce warriors and American heroes. For this particular book, I also spent lots of time researching bio-toxins and bio-engineering. At one point, I was traveling for work and googling airborne pathogens while in the airport. Suddenly I looked around at the armed security and realized, I might need to be a little more careful about where I do my research and what I’m searching for.

LOL, very true. I’ve had that thought a time or two when I’ve been doing research for a book too. J

Do any of your characters resemble you in any way? There’s always a little bit of me in every character that I write. And Navy SEAL Noel is no different. Jess deals with struggling to forgive a breach of trust. That’s something that I’ve struggled with in the past. When someone hurt me and my family, I really had to fight to find forgiveness until I realized that the bitterness I was carrying was only hurting me. Through that struggle in my real life, I learned that the process of forgiveness begins not with feeling like I can forgive, but making a choice to forgive and choosing that every day. When you ask God to give you a forgiving heart, He does. That was a lesson I needed to learn. And Jess does, too.

Is this book a stand alone or part of a series? Navy SEAL Noel is book three in the Men of Valor series, which started two years ago with A Promise to Protect and follows the stories of the men of SEAL team fifteen. Each book really stands on its own, but familiar characters pop up in every story.

Thanks for sharing with us about your new release. Now we’d like to learn a little about you. How do you celebrate Christmas? My mom is a hospital nurse, and my brother-in-law is a firefighter, so our family has learned to be flexible about when we celebrate Christmas. But without fail, every year I find my way back to Arizona to spend a week with my family. Most years we don’t open presents on the 25th, but when everyone is available, my parents and my siblings, and all five of my nieces and nephews gather at my parents’ house. When the kids were very small, my dad would read the Christmas story from the book of Luke. Now my oldest niece organizes a play including Mary, Joseph, an angel, sometimes a star, and always baby Jesus. We’re reminded of the reason we celebrate and give gifts to each other. Then there are presents and a big meal and then games. Always board games with my family. And usually I lose. It’s a precious day.

It sounds like a wonderful time for you and your family!

What is next for you? Right now I’m working on a three-book contemporary romance series set at a bed and breakfast on Prince Edward Island—my favorite place in the world. It’s coming out from Revell beginning in the spring of 2016.

That sounds interesting, I will be watching for it. 🙂 I wrote a manuscript set on an island in WA state at a B&B too, but haven’t found a home for it yet. LOL I still need to get it out there. I hope you will come back and share with about your B&B book when it releases.

Liz has kindly offered to give away one copy of Navy Seal Noelle. Please share one of your Christmas traditions to be entered for a chance to win.

Rules: Drawing is open to USA mailing addresses only. Void where prohibited by law. Drawing ends December 7th, 2014. The winner will be notified by email on 12/8/2014 and have until 12/14/2014 to reply with a USA mailing address or forfeit the book. No new winner will be drawn.

liz johnson author 20By day Liz Johnson is a marketing manager for a Christian publisher. She finds time to write late at night and is a two-time ACFW Carol Award finalist. Liz makes her home in Nashville, TN, where she enjoys theater, exploring local music, and making frequent trips to Arizona to dote on her nieces and nephews. She loves stories of true love with happy endings and shares about her adventures in writing at http://www.LizJohnsonBooks.com, Facebook.com/LizJohnsonBooks, and Twitter.com/LizJohnsonBooks.


Redemption_h11626_300Welcome back Lillian, I always enjoy reading your stories. Please tell us about Redemption.

It’s the third and final book in my Sisters by Choice series. Redemption brings the series full circle and gives closure for those who’ve read all three books. Jamie is the missing twin in the first book-DECEPTION. And in REDEMPTION, we come to learn more about Jamie and her spiritual struggles. But the main story is about a missing child who Jamie is determined to find—no matter the danger to herself.

How long did it take you to write Redemption?

I don’t know for sure, but I would say the first draft took 5 or 6 weeks, then another month or so for editing and polishing it up before I sent it to my publisher.
Wow that is fast. Was there a particular scene that you especially enjoyed, and why does this scene stick out to you?

Oh my! There are too many to pick just one, but I do love the opening scene where my main character (Jamie) is arguing with her twin sister! It was fun to write.

If you could be any character in your book, which one would you be and why?

I’d just as soon be the twin sister who stays home. I’m not anywhere near as adventurous as my characters are! That’s why I stay home and create all sorts of problems for them.

In what time of year is your story set? Is there any particular reason you choose that season or holiday? 

It’s set in the summer. I picked the summer because my main character has a daughter so I put her in summer camp while her mother is off trying to save the world—again!

Great thinking! Do you write in any other genres?

This book is romantic suspense but I also write suspense as well.

What is your favorite genre to read?

Exactly what I write—mystery; suspense; and romantic suspense.

How to you like to spend the holidays? 

I have a small enclosed porch that we clear off in the fall and then set up the Christmas trees! Last year we had an even dozen of them. That’s right, twelve Christmas trees—all different sizes. It was a lot of fun.

That sounds pretty.  I have to do an artificial tree because three of us in my house are all allergic to the trees.

Please tell us one thing about yourself that may surprise your readers.

Well…I was diagnosed with bilateral brain tumors in 2012. So as I wrote this story, I was dealing with all sorts of “issues.” I feel incredibly blessed that God gave me the opportunity and the ability to keep writing during this time.

It amazes me that you were able to work through that. I hope you are going to be okay. What is next for you?

The second and third books in my Deadly Communications series should be released next year—Deadly Intent and Deadly Silence. The series features a speech pathologist who seems to get hers.

Thanks for sharing with us, Lillian! Readers, if you would like to be entered for a chance to win an e-copy of Redemption please leave a comment for Lillian.

Rules: Drawing ends November 9th, 2014. The winner will be notified by me on November 10th, 2014 and have until a11/16/2014 to reply or forfeit the the e-Book. Void where prohibited by law.


My website is www.lillianduncan.net. My blog is TIARAS & TENNIS SHOES at http://www.lillian-duncan.com. I’m also on Twitter as @LillianDuncan and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lillian.k.duncan I also contribute to Putting On The New at www.puttingonthenew.com.

BOOK LINK: http://buff.ly/1lLHN7F


Others may think Jamie Jakowski is a hero, but she knows differently.

Haunted by her past, she seeks redemption by helping others in spite of the danger to herself. However, after almost orphaning her daughter, Jamie opts to retire. When a friend needs her, Jamie agrees to one last undercover operation.

She is determined to reunite a heartbroken mother with her kidnapped son. Used to working alone, Jamie’s not happy when she’s assigned a partner. And after a failed operation and their failed romance, Enrique Rodriguez is the last person she wants to work with—ever.

To succeed, Jamie must confront her past as well as the people who want her dead.

Lillian Duncan: stories of faith mingled with murder & mayhem!

lil2011bLillian is a multi-published writer with several Amazon bestsellers, including The Christmas Stalking and Betrayed. Lillian writes the types of books she loves to read—fast-paced suspense with a touch or two of romance that demonstrates God’s love for all of us

Whether as an educator, a writer, or a speech pathologist, she believes in the power of words to transform lives, especially God’s Word.

Elf in a lot of trouble!

Rancher Under Fire by Vickie McDonough

Rancher Under Fire 446233Welcome back, Vickie! I always enjoy having one of my critique partners visit my blog.:) Readers, you won’t be disappointed with this book. Keep reading to find out how to enter for a chance to win a copy.

Please tell us about Rancher Under Fire.

Rancher Under Fire is a Love Inspired Suspense set in Oklahoma. It’s the story of a former pro quarterback who left football to raise his daughter on a quiet ranch, but lately, things haven’t been quiet. Here’s the back cover info:


Jackson Durant would go to any lengths to protect his young daughter and his ranch. He knows the puzzling incidents on his homestead are no accidents. Someone is after him…but who? And why? Reporter Mariah Reyes is determined to find out. She never

expected her pursuit of a story on the reclusive rancher would endanger her life—nor that she’d fall for the cowboy. But when Jackson’s daughter is kidnapped, she’ll do anything to help save the little girl—even if it means becoming a target herself.

Will you share a short excerpt?

The familiar ta-dump, ta-dump of tires crossing the cattle guard pulled Jackson’s gaze down the long gravel drive. Though people frequented the ranch often, he wasn’t expecting anyone today. He studied the approaching vehicle—a sports car that was going far too fast.

He started toward his daughter. “Hailey, bring the filly back. Right now.”

Hailey stopped in the middle of the road and stared at the car, barreling toward her. Jackson increased his pace. His daughter tugged the prancing horse off the road and onto the dried winter grass. The filly pawed the ground. The closer the sports car came, the more agitated she grew.

Baron barked. Jackson broke into a run. A shrill whinny rent the air as the black filly reared, her front hooves pawing the air just inches above Hailey’s head. Jackson’s heart took a dive. He raced toward her, but his legs felt as if they were encased in cement.

“Let go! Hailey! Let go of the rope.”

Do you write in more than one genre? Yes. Most of the novels I’ve written have been historical romances, but my latest novel is a contemporary suspense. Some times it’s nice to write something different.

It’s fun to see you hop into a new genre. Vickie. I know when I critiqued this story, I really enjoyed it. 🙂

If your book is set in a real location, have you visited it? Rancher Under Fire is set in northeastern Oklahoma, but Angelfire Ranch and the nearby town are fictional. I live in northeastern Oklahoma, so I’m very familiar with the area. It’s filled with rolling hills, trees, lakes, and mostly small towns filled with friendly people.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading? I love reading Christian historical romances the best. I grew up watching cowboy shows with my dad and fell in love with the Old West.

What is next for you? I’m currently working on Joline’s Redemption, the second book in a series called Land Rush Dreams, which is set in the Oklahoma Territory in the late 1800s. The first book, Gabriel’s Atonement, is finished and releases in January.

Here’s what it’s about: Gambler Gabe Coulter is content with his comfortable life—but when a man with a gun confronts him in a dark alley, everything changes. Guilt riddles him for killing Tom Talbot, even though it was self-defense. The dying man said the money he lost to Gabe was meant for his destitute wife and son. The only way Gabe knows to rid himself of the guilt over killing Talbot is to return the money he won to the man’s wife.

Lara Talbot doesn’t believe Tom had money. She sees Gabe as a charming con artist like her irresponsible husband and wants nothing to do with him. She struggles to feed her family, keep her rebellious sister in line, and care for her young son and sick grandpa. The land rush in the Oklahoma Territory seems the only way for them to get a home, so Lara rides, but her dreams don’t turn out as planned. Could God have a bigger dream for her than she could imagine?

Thanks for sharing with us, Vickie!

If you would like to be entered to win a copy of Rancher Under Fire, please leave a comment for Vickie. If you follow this blog you will receive one extra entry–please mention you follow in the comments. If you are a new follower–I will know, but it helps me if you mention it in the comments.:) All new followers will receive an extra entry as well.

Rules: Open to USA and Canada mailing addresses only. Drawing ends November 2, 2014. The winner will be notified on November 3, 2014 and have until November 10th to reply or forfeit. No new winner will be drawn.

Vickie McDonough 3 smallBestselling author Vickie McDonough grew up wanting to marry a rancher, but instead married a computer geek who is scared of horses. She now lives out her dreams in her fictional stories about ranchers, cowboys, lawmen, and others living in the Old West. Vickie is the award-winning author of thirty-four published books and novellas. Her books include the fun and feisty Texas Boardinghouse Brides series, and End of the Trail, which was the OWFI 2013 Best Fiction Novel winner. Whispers on the Prairie was a Romantic Times Recommended Inspirational Book for July 2013. Her latest book, Rancher Under Fire, is a contemporary suspense.

Vickie has been married thirty-nine years to Robert. They have four grown sons, one of whom is married, and a precocious eight-year-old granddaughter. When she’s not writing, Vickie enjoys reading, antiquing, watching movies, and traveling. To learn more about Vickie’s books or to sign up for her newsletter, visit her website: www.vickiemcdonough.com

Pre-order links:

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Gabriels-Atonement-Land-Rush-Dreams/dp/1628369515

Christianbook.com – http://www.christianbook.com/gabriels-atonement-land-rush-dreams/vickie-mcdonough/9781628369519/pd/369519?product_redirect=1&Ntt=369519&item_code=&Ntk=keywords&event=ESRCP


Moon Over Maalaea Bay and Worldwide Giveaway!

SONY DSC This week we welcome romantic suspense writer Harry Wegley.
H. L. Wegley served in the USAF as an Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer. In civilian life he performed research in atmospheric physics. After earning an MS in Computer Science, he worked 20+ years in systems development at Boeing before retiring near Seattle, where he and his wife of 47 years enjoy small-group ministry, grandchildren, hiking on the Olympic Peninsula, snorkeling Maui whenever possible, and where he writes inspirational thrillers and romantic suspense novels.

Please tell us about Moon Over Maalaea Bay.

When Lee Brandt’s bright, beautiful bride disappears on their wedding night in Maui, both Lee and the US government want her back, albeit for different reasons. Each takes drastic measures to find her. But Jennifer, an NSA research scientist, is in high demand. An international trafficking syndicate wants her for revenge. A wealthy, Middle-Eastern prince, who collects women, wants her for what she looks like. Foreign intelligence agents want her for what she knows. As the clock ticks down to Jennifer’s impending sale, her soon-to-be adopted daughter, Katie, flies to Maui and joins the search, ending up in the traffickers’ crosshairs. Could Lee choose between his bride and his future daughter?
A few hours before, Jennifer promised herself to Lee, until death parts them. Could she make death part them to avoid the horror and degradation of what the traffickers have in mind? If she did, would God forgive her?

How long did it take you to write?

I used scene cards to plot this story and I knew the setting well. The research and writing out scene cards took only about two weeks. The story took about four weeks to write and polish sufficiently to submit. So about 6 weeks from research to submission. This is by far the least time I’ve spent on a contract-winning novel. But I found that the short time frame kept the story logically tight and cohesive, which is what readers generally want in a thriller.

Is Moon Over Maalea Bay part of a series?

This is book 3 of a 4 book series, the Pure Genius Series. Though Moon over Maalaea Bay can be read and enjoyed by itself, the reader will realize there’s a lot of interesting back story mentioned.

How did you come up with the idea for this story?

Originally, I had planned to end a 3-book series with this story. While looking for an exciting way to end it, I thought about all the horrible things my hero and heroine had endured just to survive until their wedding day. Why had I treated them so badly? I wiped the tears from my eyes and then felt a sadistic grin spread across my face. Why not have my heroine abducted on her wedding night in Maui? The grin turned to a smile. Maui … research trip … the wheels began turning … tax deduction. All that aside, Maui was a great setting for a thriller once I found a way to create intense danger in a tropical paradise where bad things seldom happen. And I made a promise, then and there, that after this book, I would be nice to Jennifer and Lee. I kept that promise, because book 4 is all about their brilliant daughter, Katie, who is now 21-year-old Dr. Kate Brandt, a beautiful woman with a greater propensity for finding danger than her parents.

LOL. How long have you been writing?

I’ve published in the scientific literature since the late 70s, but only started writing fiction in 2010. I’ve completed seven novels and am currently planning my eighth. My scientific publications list is several pages long. As a computer systems programmer, I wrote over a million lines of code in several programming languages. But only when I started writing fiction did writing become a true delight.

What is your favorite genre to read?

That’s easy—thrillers and high-action romantic suspense. I do like characters with some depth to them and also enjoy the relational issues in a story. But what can I say? I’m a guy. There needs to be some action to keep my interest—more than just that final battle scene at the climax of the story.

What is your favorite part of being a writer?

By far, creating characters and plotting stories for them to live in is my favorite part of writing. There’s no other way to take people and make them do whatever you want without going to prison … or being committed to mental institution. In a sense, we get to play God. But we should take that role seriously, being careful about both how we fill it and what we are saying about Him in the process.

This question is from my 16-year-old son. He wants to know why all Great American Novels (the ones they teach in schools) end in death. Any opinions why these books are popular literature. i. e. Macbeth, Of Mice and Men, The Crucible.

I’ve not read anyone’s opinion on this, so I’ll just give you mine, for whatever it’s worth, first from a philosophical viewpoint, then using examples from real life.
Justice often demands the death of someone, particularly if that person has caused the death of another. Even after the fall, human beings still retain some sense of justice, a desire for it to prevail so that things can be set right. But we also retain, deep within us, the knowledge that we’ve all sinned and, ultimately, the punishment for that is death. Though Jesus can pay the penalty for us, many writers won’t acknowledge that and so they see death as the solution to their story problem. Granted, some writers are trying to make a social or political point, and they use death for the opposite reason, to highlight injustice. But the saddest thing is there are still other writers who end their stories with death simply because they have no answer to the human condition. They see no meaning or purpose to life, thus they have no hope. Consequently, their stories give us no hope, just death and a great sense of loss.
Next, let’s examine the worldview of those who write death and hopelessness into their story endings, writers such as Hemingway and Faulkner. Faulkner’s life was anything but exemplary—he lied about his life, shirked his work, and was removed as a scoutmaster for immorality. He believed human beings were too guilty of too many evils to deserve happy endings. To be fair to him, he did come down on the right side of some social issues. Hemingway was a modernist writer, helping to lay the groundwork for existentialism, which essentially says life has no meaning, so we each have to make our own. When he was no longer able to do that, he committed suicide. What I’m saying here is that it matters a great deal what a person believes. It impacts their life and their writing. The beliefs of these people, considered great American writers, provide them no basis for writing happy endings. Consider Christianity, which is all about the ultimate happy ending. Consider Christian writers and their stories. Big difference!

Wow, thank you so much for tackling my son’s question with such depth. I really enjoyed reading the answers to the questions Harry, and I think your book sounds fantastic!

Okay everyone Harry has agreed to drop the 10 comment minimum and he will send either one print copy to a U.S.A. mailing address or and Ecopy of his book anywhere that it is legal. Void where prohibited by law. The drawing ends June 15th. The winner will be notified by email June 16th and have until June 22nd to respond or forfeit the book.

Dark Tide by Susan Sleeman

Dark Tide by Susan Sleeman I’m tickled to have, Susan Sleeman, one of my favorite romantic suspense writers with us this week as she shares with us about the final installment of her Justice Agency series Dark Tide. I’ve read every one in the series and enjoyed them all equally. 🙂 If you haven’t read one yet, don’t worry as each book stands alone.

Please tell us about Dark Tide.

Dark Tide is the final book in the Justice Agency series and features the youngest brother Derrick. His former girlfriend’s brother is murdered but the police won’t believe Gina. Catching a quick glimpse of the evidence her brother had gathered that ultimately got him killed, brings the same killers after her and her baby niece. And Gina’s only hope to stay alive is Derrick. Despite the painful memories with Gina, Derrick won’t fail her and her baby. Yet now, the woman he never stopped loving and the baby he’s come to adore are in a killer’s crosshairs. But can Derrick trap the cold-blooded murderer before he strikes again?

What inspired you to right this particular story?

I’ve always wanted to do a story that included the Coast Guard so I researched the organization and learned of the amazing elite Pacific Area Tactical Law Enforcement Team. They deploy round the world on Navy vessels to curtail drug smuggling and pirating. Of course, Derrick works with his family as a private investigator so he couldn’t be in the Coast Guard so I decided to have the heroine’s brother serve in that capacity. And as they say, the rest was history and the story was born.

Please describe the setting where you write? Also, do you need silence or noise in the background?

I write sitting in a recliner. I have issues with my neck and lower back and the recliner seems to be the best fit for me, because as you know writers sit a lot. I need silence. Utter and complete silence and very little movement around me. We recently had a snowstorm and I can’t tell you how many times I lost my train of thought from seeing the snow falling outside my window. I could’ve closed the curtains but we get snow so rarely and it was too beautiful to hide. Now I’m writing fast and furious to make up for it.

I remember that snow storm well. I actually did close the blinds because the snow made it too bright inside and it was driving my eyes nuts–go figure. lol That being said, I accomplished very little writing those four days since the kids were home and it was too much fun to go outside and play in the snow. 😀

How many books have you written?

I’ve written eighteen books. Wow, I didn’t realize how many until you asked. No wonder I’m always writing. LOL I have three books that will remain in my slush pile, twelve books in print and three completed and turned in to my publishers. I have another seven books under contract in the next two years so I will be a writing fiend.

Congratulations on having a contract in the wings! I hope your contract is for more romantic suspense.
When did you start writing and when was your first book published?

I started writing in 2004 and my first book was published in September 2010.

Do you write in more than one genre?

I write both romantic suspense books and cozy mysteries. I have five mysteries published. Two in the Garden Gate Mystery series and three in a multi-author series called Creative Woman Mysteries.

What is next for you?

My next book to release is in October of this year and it’s a Christmas novella called Special Ops Christmas. It will be published in an anthology with two other authors and the anthology is titled, Holiday Heroes. As I mentioned above I have several more books under contract. These books are in two series. The first is the Agents Under Fire series that features three female FBI agents who work on an elite cyber task force. Web of Deceit, the first book, will release in November of this year. This is a general market series so the books don’t have a spiritual message but are considered clean reads. The other series, a new six book series for Love Inspired Suspense tentatively called Strike Force is about a strategic response team. The team is made up of two hostage negotiators, a bomb expert, a sniper, an EMT, and a team leader. They all live together in an old firehouse that has been remodeled into condos, but they also have a large common area where they gather together. The first book in this series is tentatively titled Christmas Showdown and will release in November of 2014, too.

Wonderful! I can’t wait. 🙂 What do you do for fun?

I love to read, of course, LOL. I also love spending time with my family and my other passion is gardening. We have a lovely three tiered backyard filled with perennials and huge retaining walls made of natural stone. We also grow veggies and we are expanding the veggie garden this year.

If you could have one wish granted what would it be and why?

Oh wow, just one. Ha-ha. I’m ignoring world peace for a selfish wish. I have a chronic illness that has seriously effected by ability to do the things I love and it would be truly amazing to me if I could have my health back. Even for a day. Not that I’m complaining. God has allowed this in my life and as long as he wants me to deal with it, I will. In fact, if I had never gotten sick I would never have started writing so it’s a real blessing in disguise. Still, I would love to live pain free again for at least a day.

What is your favorite snack?

I am a sweet freak. I love, love, love sugar in almost any form. The sweeter the item, the better. However, I like homemade desserts far better than anything you can buy. Ironically, or not, I love to bake, too. Plus, as I tell my children and grandson, home baked goods have love in them so they have to be good!

Thanks for joining us this week and being such a great sport about answering all those questions. I didn’t mean for you to answer all of them, but what a treat that you did! Just so all of you readers know, I give the authors a list of questions to choose from, and Susan graciously answered all of them! Bonus. 🙂

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Susan Sleeman

SUSAN SLEEMAN is a best-selling author of inspirational and clean read romantic suspense books. Her first book, High-Stakes Inheritance was an ECPA bestseller. Award nominations include The Christmas Witness for the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence and Thread of Suspicion for the 2013 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Best Book Award. In addition to writing, Susan also hosts the popular website TheSuspenseZone.com. She currently lives in Oregon, but has lived in nine states. Her husband is a realtor and they have two daughters, a son-in-law, and an adorable grandson.

To learn more about Susan stop by any of these locations on the web.

Website           www.SusanSleeman.com

Facebook        www.Facebook.com/SusanSleeemanBooks

Twitter            www.Twitter.com/SusanSleeman

Book Review Site     www.TheSuspenseZone.com

Detection Mission

Detection-Mission-189x300 Detection Mission by Margaret Daley is the latest addition to the Texas K-9 Unit series. Below is the back cover copy.

Who is she?

While looking for a missing child in Sagebrush, Texas, K-9 detective Lee Calloway and his border-collie partner find someone else. A mystery woman running for her life, scared and injured. But she has no idea who she is—or why someone is after her. Lee’s unit suspects “Heidi” is a criminal who knows more than she’s saying, yet his gut instinct says she’s innocent. Lee vows to protect her until her memory returns, but now someone is desperate to ensure that never happens.

I find myself in unfamiliar territory. I’m actually reading three books at the same time and have not finished one! I have lots of excuses, but none of them matter. I haven’t read Detection Mission, but have always enjoyed Margaret’s romantic suspense novels, so I feel very comfortable suggesting it’s worth reading.