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My Stubborn Heart

contemporary romance, My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade hooked me from page one.

Social worker, Kate Donovan and her grandmother drive from Dallas to Redbud, Pennsylvania to fix up the estate that has been in their family for more than  one hundred years. They hire a local man named Matt to do the restorations. Kate is in awe at the man’s good looks but at the same time she sees hurt and pain written all over him and is drawn to him.

Former NHL star Matt Jarreau’s wife died of brain cancer so he quit hockey and checked out on life. He then moved to his childhood home in Redbud and took up carpentry. He has a  reputation for quality work, but he also has a reputation for keeping to himself and not allowing anyone to get close.

Kate refuses to allow Matt to shut her out and gradually he begins to accept her presence.

To find out about the author you may visit her web site at http://www.beckywade.com/my_books.html

I truly enjoyed this book. My Stubborn Heart is more than a romance, it’s  a wonderful love story that touches the heart.