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Return to Misty Shore with Bonnie Leon

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Return to the Misty Shore, back cover final 2unnamedIn the spring of 1885, Luba Engstrom meets Nicholas Matroona, a strong, brooding Native from the island of Unalaska. Against her parents’ wishes, she elopes, believing love will be enough to bridge the gap between the civilized world of Juneau and the primitive culture of Nicholas’s small village. After all, before Luba was born, her mother lived on a wild Alaskan island until she was forced to leave when a tsunami destroyed her people. But from the moment Luba arrives at Nicholas’s home, she struggles to adapt and learn the village ways.
Will the conflict between her husband’s belief in ancient gods and her faith in Jesus Christ the Redeemer destroy Luba and Nicholas’s relationship?

Return to the Misty Shore—the third book in the Northern Lights series.

meBonnie Leon is the author of twenty-two novels, including the recently released Return to the Misty Shore, the popular Alaskan Skies and bestselling The Journey of Eleven Moons.

Bonnie’s books are being read internationally and she hears from readers in Australia, Europe, Poland, and even Africa.

She enjoys speaking for women’s groups and teaching at writing seminars and conventions and especially delights in mentoring young authors. These days, her time is filled with writing, being a grandmother and relishing precious time with her aged mother.

Bonnie and her husband, Greg, live in Southern Oregon. They have three grown children and eight grandchildren.

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Joy Takes Flight

Joy Takes Flight by Bonnie Leon is the final book in the Alaskan Skies series. I’m happy to say this book will stand alone, but I think you’d enjoy it more if you start from book one.

Kate and Paul finally marry and begin their life together. Kate is unwilling to be just a wife and struggles to maintain her independence as an Alaskan bush pilot. Things become even more complicated when she becomes pregnant.

Paul is still haunted by the guilt he’s had since his first wife and child died. He moved from San Fransisco to Alaska to flee the memories and now they all come flooding back when Kate announces she’s pregnant.

Leon did a great job with character progression throughout the series and I enjoyed seeing how the characters grew. You’ll have to read Joy Takes Flight for yourself to find out the rest.