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Happy New Year!

Wishing a blessed and happy new year!

Happy New Year2018


A Year in the Life of a Writer #AmWriting

Kimberly Rose Johnson here. At the beginning of the year I mentioned that I would be filling in on the weeks when I didn’t have any books in my schedule to tell you about. As it turned out there were only a few months with a free Monday.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.Mason Cooley (1)

I know most people reflect on their year around the new year, but I’m planning to take the month of December off from blogging. If time allows I might post a few fun posts.

Speaking of time, 2017 has been by far my most published year. Since February I have independently published eight books! Five of them were previously published. I also had one traditionally published book with Mountain Brook Ink. I recently signed a contract with MBI for three more books that will begin releasing in July of 2018. In addition to that, three of my books with Mountain Brook Ink were made into audio books! You can find them here. Sunriver Dreams series on Audible

I can not believe how quickly this year has flown by! LOL Probably a sign that I need to slow down. Which is exactly what I plan to do beginning this December and into 2018. I have two, possibly three, independently published books planned to release in 2018. I suppose that’s a lot since I have to write them all, but one is already finished and my contracted book is close, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. 🙂

My theme scripture verse this year has been Philippians 4:13 (King Jame version) I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

What about you? How was 2017 for you? Did you accomplish a benchmark goal? Perhaps you met a reading goal. Did you have a couple of books that stood out to you this past year?

Below is a collage of the books I independently published this year. A Christmas Surprise, A Love That Lasts, and A Waltz for Amber are all Christmas and holiday reads. I state holiday because A Love to Remember focuses more around Thanksgiving.

Indie book collage 2

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The Promise of Spring #NewRelease

Will they walk away from love or learn to trust?
Millie Drake’s mind drifts between hard-knock reality and starry-eyed fantasy as she tries to keep her six-month romance with Lou Blythe from her dysfunctional mother. Her mother, Penny, expects more for Millie than a shy, knuckle-cracking, computer geek with a mangy, germ-carrying dog. When the couple’s secret comes out, Penny works overtime to sabotage their odious relationship.
Along with his computer business, Lou sings with The Warble-Heirs quartet, with a voice so deep it melts the polish off your toenails. The quartet is offered a six-week contract to sing on a cruise ship. That’s when a scheming Penny rolls up her matchmaking sleeves to snag a new love interest for Millie. KAPP’s hunky news anchor is in her cross hairs.
Meanwhile, on the cruise ship, Lou has battles of his own as he wrestles with wind, waves, and women.
Will Penny finally get her comeuppance? Can Millie and Lou find their way back to each other?

Deborah Dulworth

AUTHOR BIO: The writing team of Hanna and Dulworth deliver a story full of love and faith, and sprinkled with touches of humor that will have you wondering whether to laugh or cry. Their first novel in the Seasons of Change series, Come Next Winter, released in 2016. Linda and Debbie love to share uplifting messages of faith, family, and love. Their hope is to inspire and encourage readers on their own spiritual journey. Though their paths have unexpected twists and turns, they cling unswervingly to their faith and God continues to bless.


Linda Hanna

Book Sweeps for Christian Inspy Romance

I have a fun surprise that I’d like to share with you. I’ve teamed up with more than 30 fantastic contemporary Christian and inspirational romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a Kindle Fire to the Grand Prize winner!
You might win my novel An Encore for Estelle, plus books from authors like Melissa Tagg, Leah Atwood, Johnnie Alexander and more.
Enter the giveaway by clicking here:
Good luck, and enjoy!

book sweeps general promo meme


Love in the Cascades #NewRelease

Kimberly Rose here. I’m super excited to share my Love in the Cascades series with you. This is the very first series I sold back in 2012. I’ve since received my rights back on the books. I gave them new covers, did a little more editing, and dealt with an issue or two that came up in reviews way back when.

I am tickled that the photo in the bottom section of A Love That Lasts was taken by my son. It was such fun to be able to use his work!

I’m especially excited to share this series with you because today and tomorrow you can pick up the last two books in the series for only 99¢. Book three will go up to regular price on Wednesday when book four releases.

Here is a little bit about each book.

The Christmas Surprise

Veterinarian Pete Harding doesn’t date single moms.

After showing up to a blind date to find he left before she arrived, Keira is reminded why she doesn’t date. She had true love once but a tragic accident ripped him from her and their son, who’s now four and only wants a puppy for Christmas this year.

Although off limits since she’s a single mom, Pete determines to help Keira find the perfect puppy for her son.

Keira wonders about Pete. He says he doesn’t date women with children, yet she can’t help but notice he behaves like a man who has more on his mind than finding a puppy.

Will love break down Pete’s walls and bring more than a puppy for Christmas?

A Christmas Surprise was originally published in 2013 as The Christmas Promise.

A Rekindled Romance

When an estranged couple reunites, can they rediscover what they once shared, or will unforgiveness destroy them?

CPA Susan Hill can’t believe her eyes. Her former fiancé is back in town, and he has a child in tow—his daughter perhaps? Could she be the reason he called off their wedding so suddenly all those years ago and left town without explanation?

Writer Blake Mitchell is finally ready to face his past and pick up the shattered pieces his sudden departure caused. He’s been raising his little sister on his own and wants the only woman he’s ever loved back in his life. Is it too much to hope that Susan will forgive him and give him one more chance?

Originally published under the title A Romance Rekindled.

A Love That Lasts

Some things just weren’t meant to be—or were they?

 Recent nursing school graduate Holly Miller knows from personal experience a slipup can cost a life. A mistake she made years ago still haunts her. She is determined to stay focused and not allow any distractions in her life—including an old high school classmate she ran into at the hospital who is as handsome as the pastries he bakes are tasty and sweet.

Matthew Cook had a crush on Holly back in high school and is surprised to find she’s working at the local hospital. She’d rejected him when they were teens, but he seems to have her attention now. Can he convince her that she can have it all—including a love that lasts, without sacrificing her career?

Originally published under that title A Holiday Proposal.

The Matchmaker’s Match

In a test of wits Meghan Black goes head-to-head with local veterinarian, Ben Young. When he turns the table on her in the most unexpected way, can they hang onto their tenuous friendship, or did he go far?

Never one to say no to a dare, Meghan Black takes on the challenge of setting up confirmed bachelor and veterinarian, Ben Young. Reluctant to get involved in Meghan’s matchmaking, he suggests she focus on her own love life and leave his alone. However, her shocking confession that she’s a one-date wonder surprises him, and without thinking, he dares her to allow him to give her dating tips. Once again unable to resist the dare, Meghan accepts. Her date with Ben turns out to be anything but what she expected.

Will these two lonely hearts discover their perfect match, or will Ben’s deception ruin everything?

Previously published as A Match for Meghan.

Here are the links to the books on Amazon:

A Christmas Surprise

A Rekindled Romance

A Love That Lasts

The Matchmaker’s Match

Thanks so much for following my blog. Have a great week and happy reading!