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A Year in the Life of a Writer #AmWriting

Kimberly Rose Johnson here. At the beginning of the year I mentioned that I would be filling in on the weeks when I didn’t have any books in my schedule to tell you about. As it turned out there were only a few months with a free Monday.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.Mason Cooley (1)

I know most people reflect on their year around the new year, but I’m planning to take the month of December off from blogging. If time allows I might post a few fun posts.

Speaking of time, 2017 has been by far my most published year. Since February I have independently published eight books! Five of them were previously published. I also had one traditionally published book with Mountain Brook Ink. I recently signed a contract with MBI for three more books that will begin releasing in July of 2018. In addition to that, three of my books with Mountain Brook Ink were made into audio books! You can find them here. Sunriver Dreams series on Audible

I can not believe how quickly this year has flown by! LOL Probably a sign that I need to slow down. Which is exactly what I plan to do beginning this December and into 2018. I have two, possibly three, independently published books planned to release in 2018. I suppose that’s a lot since I have to write them all, but one is already finished and my contracted book is close, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. 🙂

My theme scripture verse this year has been Philippians 4:13 (King Jame version) I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

What about you? How was 2017 for you? Did you accomplish a benchmark goal? Perhaps you met a reading goal. Did you have a couple of books that stood out to you this past year?

Below is a collage of the books I independently published this year. A Christmas Surprise, A Love That Lasts, and A Waltz for Amber are all Christmas and holiday reads. I state holiday because A Love to Remember focuses more around Thanksgiving.

Indie book collage 2

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The Promise of Spring #NewRelease

Will they walk away from love or learn to trust?
Millie Drake’s mind drifts between hard-knock reality and starry-eyed fantasy as she tries to keep her six-month romance with Lou Blythe from her dysfunctional mother. Her mother, Penny, expects more for Millie than a shy, knuckle-cracking, computer geek with a mangy, germ-carrying dog. When the couple’s secret comes out, Penny works overtime to sabotage their odious relationship.
Along with his computer business, Lou sings with The Warble-Heirs quartet, with a voice so deep it melts the polish off your toenails. The quartet is offered a six-week contract to sing on a cruise ship. That’s when a scheming Penny rolls up her matchmaking sleeves to snag a new love interest for Millie. KAPP’s hunky news anchor is in her cross hairs.
Meanwhile, on the cruise ship, Lou has battles of his own as he wrestles with wind, waves, and women.
Will Penny finally get her comeuppance? Can Millie and Lou find their way back to each other?

Deborah Dulworth

AUTHOR BIO: The writing team of Hanna and Dulworth deliver a story full of love and faith, and sprinkled with touches of humor that will have you wondering whether to laugh or cry. Their first novel in the Seasons of Change series, Come Next Winter, released in 2016. Linda and Debbie love to share uplifting messages of faith, family, and love. Their hope is to inspire and encourage readers on their own spiritual journey. Though their paths have unexpected twists and turns, they cling unswervingly to their faith and God continues to bless.


Linda Hanna

Maple Notch Romances with Darlene Franklin

maple notch romancesLove forged in the Revolutionary War still flows strong today in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Maple Notch Romances brings together all eight books together in one volume for the first time for a special low price.
Prodigal Patriot: The daughter of a patriot and the son of a loyalist struggle with divided loyalties.
Bridge to Love: The Year of No Summer threatens the love growingbetween a rich banker’s daughter and a poor farmer.
Love’s Raid: Neither the war-wounded hero or the spinster school teacher expect love when they battle copycat bank robbers.
Hidden Dreams: What does a flapper on the run have in common with a backwoods naturalist?
Golden Dreams: A former gold medalist trains a hopeful for the 1932 Lake Placid Olympics.
Homefront Dreams: A war widow mayor and a high school principal clash over which direction the town should take in support of the war effort.
Saving Felicity: A reality show hosts come to the aid of a bed-and-breakfast owner.
Small Town Bachelor: A truant officer develops more than a professional interest in one of his students—and his mother.

df bBest-selling hybrid author Darlene Franklin’s greatest claim to fame is that she writes full-time from a nursing home. Mermaid Song is her fiftieth unique title! She’s also contributed to more than twenty nonfiction titles. Her column, “The View Through my Door,” appears in five monthly venues. Other recent titles are Christmas Masquerade, Captive Brides, Her Rocky Mountain Highness, and Take Me Home. You can find her online at: Website and blog, Facebook, Amazon author page

 Links: Website and blog


Amazon author page

Twitter: @darlenefranklin



Love’s Compass Series – Cover Reveal With Melanie D. Snitker


Finding SnitkerSingle dad Tyler Martin can’t be more grateful to the woman who finds his missing daughter. Even though he feels a spark between them, falling in love is a risk he shouldn’t take. Too bad chance encounters and his stubborn heart keep trying to convince him otherwise.

 After escaping a nightmarish relationship, Beth Davenport is content with her safe and blessedly normal life. Yet something about Tyler and his adorable daughter makes her wish for more. With the walls around her heart finally starting to crumble, she’s afraid of a future she can’t predict.

 Can they let go of their fear and trust God to lead them to the love they desperately need?

 Finding Grace Love’s Compass: Book 6 Available January 3rd, 2018

Finding peace Melanie D. SnitkerPolice Officer Tuck Chandler is good at his job. He’s also good at holding women at arm’s length. Jilted by his fiancée for his dedication to his job, he’s not about to open himself up to hurt like that again.

Laurie Blake is a struggling photographer. After growing up in a wealthy family, she’s determined to make it on her own, even if it means doing it the hard way.

When Tuck is assigned to a puzzling burglary involving Laurie’s fledgling photography business, he goes into it with his usual perseverance. He wants to help her – if she’ll let him. As the case unfolds and the mystery deepens, another question arises.

Will the past get in the way of their future?

Available on Amazon

Melanie D snitkerMelanie D. Snitker has enjoyed writing fiction for as long as she can remember. She started out creating episodes of cartoon shows she wanted to see as a child, and her love of writing grew from there. She and her husband live in Texas with their two children, who keep their lives full of adventure, and two dogs, who add a dash of mischief to the family dynamics. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys photography, reading, crocheting, baking, and hanging out with family and friends.