Author Spotlight Retreat to Shelter Creek with Lee Carver

Retreat print-6 small front (1)Seeking relief from her disastrous marriage, a high school biology
teacher returns to Shelter Creek for the summer to help her
grandmother through chemo. She is surprised by a roofer with stamina
through Texas heat and life’s hard spots. Her path away from
bitterness involves the family guard-pig and teaching first grade.
Painful discoveries of her husband’s duplicity develop into danger.
Murder is so much quicker than divorce.

As a wife betrayed and dumped by her husband, she could either lock
herself away from further hurt or forgive and start over. Was there a
man alive worth the investment?

Lee Carver author photoLee writes inspirational fiction; that is, fiction from the Christian world-view. She has also published a book of anecdotes from around the globe as “The Most Excellent Adventure”, an autobiography of their missionary years in Brazil in “Flying for Jesus”, and co-authored the adventurous lives of Brazilian missionaries Alan and Barbara Bachmann in “Married to Brazil”.


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