Jessica Berg and A Place to Call Home

different head shotI live in a crazy world filled with three children, a new puppy, and an adoring husband. I add to my daily crazy fix by teaching high school English as well!
I have three passions: family, teaching, and writing. My stories are based off of real people, with real emotions, and real flaws. Often times, my family is a source of many of my characters, and beings I love to people watch, my characters often mirror the mannerisms and personalities of people I see across the street or people I meet in the Wal-Mart aisles.
My first book, A Place to Call Home, is my debut novel. I’m currently working on my second centered around a family farm in my home state of South Dakota.

A Plac to Call Home coverIn an attempt to conquer her painful past and gain peace over the brutal murder of her father, Grace McIntyre along with her sister, Phoebe Wallace, begins a journey that will transcend her deepest desires and bring her to the brink of despair. With the purchase of an old Victorian farmhouse in the middle of the Kansas prairie, Grace wishes to bring closure to a horrible event that had taken place there twenty-six years before. In the hopes of renovating her life, Grace enlists the talents of a local carpenter, Dominick Carson, to restore the old Victorian house to its former glory and start her own bed and breakfast. Grace soon finds herself fighting her ever growing and unwanted attraction to the man she simply hired to do a job. Little does she know, however, that her un-welcomed romance is the least of her problems: an ominous part of her past begins to stalk her and will eventually take her to the edge of disaster. Will her faith in God and the love of a good man be enough to sustain her and bring her out alive and unscathed?

Readers, feel free to ask Jessica any questions you might have about her writing journey or this book in particular. Jessica, I noticed that this book released in 2013, have you published anything since? Also, what are you currently working on?


2 thoughts on “Jessica Berg and A Place to Call Home

  1. Jessica Berg

    I have not published anything else since, although I do have another manuscript under review by agents! I’m so excited at the possiblity about being traditionally published.


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