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Christine Schimpf and The Ticket

Upon Rock The Ticket COVER 3DThanks for joining us Christine. What a great cover. Would you share with us  in the comments section what inspired the book?

Readers, please feel free to ask Christine questions.

If you enjoy Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge, you’ll fall in love with… The Ticket.

A Heart Torn in Two Between True Love and one for The Ship Of Dreams, The Titanic!

Margaret Reardon vowed to leave Belfast. Her appetite for adventure helps her get hired as one of eighteen stewardesses on the ship everyone’s talking about, Titanic.

Joseph Flanagan is all business at Anderson and McAuley. His fight is against time to prepare Titanic for her maiden voyage. But time stops the day Margaret walks into the store changing Joseph’s perspective forever.

Two lives collide igniting a spark neither one can deny, revealing a truth that changes everything.


If you have an opportunity to give rather than to receive, fight human nature, and give.

Margaret ran a slender finger along the edge of the ticket. Pleased with what she’d accomplished, she smiled. In two weeks, she’d sail on the liner that everyone in Belfast was talking about—the Titanic.

She’d won the approval of her parents to journey as one of eighteen stewardesses, which was no easy feat. She recalled the lines that etched Mum’s face when she told her she wanted to apply for one of the positions. It was Papa who granted her the permission she needed. In exchange, she’d promised both of her parents and Joseph, that upon her return, she’d marry and settle down.

Joseph, she breathed. Just saying his name brought a smile to her face. Delicious warmth spread deep inside all the way to her very fingertips as she thought of him. Yet, uncertainty about everything hung in the air creating a tightrope. It would be tempting to be in New York with all of its opportunities in retail. Joseph had told her she had a natural talent when it came to merchandising, and she’d proven herself at the store, especially her work on the display window to attract Titanic’s passengers. Even she was beginning to believe she possessed a marketable talent in the industry.

She ran her fingers across the words, “Permission Granted to Board ‘R.M.S. Titanic.’ Her breath caught. She could hardly wait.

Nov 2015 (1)Christine Schimpf

Christine Schimpf is a city girl who has fallen in love with country living. She writes both fiction and Christian romance.

Her debut novel, Nick, The Journey of a Lifetime (2011) is based on the life of her grandfather-in-law and is considered an immigrant-to-success story. The book remains a best seller in her hometown. The Ticket (2015), an inspirational romance, won the 2014 semifinalist seat in the American Christian Fiction Writers Association’s Genesis Contest in the Historical Romance Novella category.

Christine is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and is an award winning essayist. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association and the Romance Writers of America.

She lives on five acres in the country with her husband and golden retriever and is now fortunate enough to devote most of her time to her writing. In her spare time she enjoys golf, tennis, kayaking and anything outdoors which churns the wheels of inspiration for her.





Heather Gray and An Informal Arrangement #NewRelease

Thanks for visiting my blog, Heather. What a fun cover!

I looked this book up on Amazon and wanted to let everyone know that if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free. 🙂

Heather will you get our comments started today, by telling us what inspired this story?

Readers feel free to ask Heather questions.

An Informal Arrangement Final Cover

She has emotional wounds. He has physical ones. Faith doesn’t come easy for either.

Holden Jenkins receives a diagnosis that alters the course of his life. His slow recovery is pockmarked with discouragement and puts his future in question. Will he ever again walk without pain? Or be well enough to return home?

A heart-rending day in the ICU leaves nurse Maddie Smith hurting in more ways than she can identify. In need of a change — and drawn to a man she barely knows — she goes on sabbatical and takes up the fight to get Holden back on his feet.

As he searches for his identity in the midst of this new life, Holden struggles with a deep hurt. Why would God allow this? Meanwhile Maddie, shaped by her own emotional scars, battles against an unseen God she’s not sure she can believe in. Will these two be able to find peace — and a future together — or will the difficulties they face push them apart?


“You mentioned something about a toad…” Her remark hung between them like a two-day old helium balloon.

The worry wrinkles on his forehead faded away, melting into his hairline and drawing her eyes to light chestnut hair that couldn’t seem to make up its mind whether it wanted to stand at attention or lie down and take a nap.

“Umm, I guess I remember. Huh. I wonder where that dream came from.” If his nonchalance was anything to go by, he had to dream about toads on a regular basis.

“And you mentioned the toilet.” Maddie took a deep breath and went about her morning routine. Shift had just started, and she still needed to do her patient assessment.

She put the blood pressure cuff on Mr. Jenkins as he told her about his dream. “There was an albino horned toad that got out of its terrarium. It was in the toilet for some reason, but because the commode was white, nobody could see it. Which doesn’t make sense. Albino animals aren’t pure white, but what can I say? A hand reached for the lever to flush, and I panicked. That’s when you woke me.”

After she charted his blood pressure and listened to his heart and lungs, she asked, “What exactly is a horned toad? I’m picturing something froggish.”

Mr. Jenkins laughed, disturbing Maddie’s attempt to count his pulse. He reined himself in, and she began counting again. “Frogs and toads are different, you know, and a horned toad isn’t even a toad. Not really, anyway. It’s a lizard.”

Her eyes darted around the room again. Maddie worked with people — and not animals — for a reason. “So toads and frogs are different, but a horned toad isn’t a toad.”

“That’s right. The people who discovered and named it must have been confused.”

Maddie held up an index finger. “Hold on a second.” Then she marched over to the small attached bathroom. An empty toilet had never been so beautiful. She stepped back into the room. “Whew. All clear.”

When her patient chuckled, she knew she’d hit the mark.

“Are you sure you’re not the one who’s confused? A toad that’s not a toad?” She quirked her eyebrow as laughter sparkled in Mr. Jenkins’ eyes.

“I’m never going to live this down, am I?”

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Heather Final BW-0003_smallAuthor Bio:

Heather Gray loves coffee, God, and her family – not necessarily in that order! She enjoys people who embrace God even when life is hard and who aren’t afraid to laugh out loud. Like her, the characters she writes are flawed…but loved anyway.

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KJ_063 vs 2Even though my personal blog is not an official stop on the blog hop that my publisher is doing, I wanted to make sure you all have the opportunity to get in on the fun. Keep reading to find out later how to enter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire.

Island Hope is the final book in my Wildflower B&B Romance series. I already miss writing this series and visiting the island in my mind on a daily basis. The characters have become real in my mind. LOL does that make me crazy?

I’m open to questions if anyone has one for me.

Island Hope coverHere is the back cover blurb for Island Hope.

Metal sculptor Hope Michaels gave up on art when her creativity was zapped by another. Burying herself in her electrical contracting business, Hope takes a job on Wildflower Island. She never imagines that a job at the Wildflower Resort will turn everything in her life upside down. But that’s exactly what happens when her best friend and employer, Piper, plays matchmaker.

A lonely widower throws all his energy into raising his teenage daughter, but when he is promoted to manager of the Wildflower Resort, things at home don’t go as smoothly as planned. Worried about his relationship with his daughter, he seeks advice from a feisty-but-sweet newcomer. Will she help smooth his path or will things only get more complicated?



Derrick Trainor sat in Piper Grayson’s office at the Wildflower Resort Lodge. The view from the window wasn’t great considering that Piper owned the place, but who could complain about sunshine and blue sky, even if she could only see the parking lot? His attention shifted to his boss who sat behind her sleek, glass topped desk, her face twisted with worry. Unease settled on his shoulders.

“I appreciate all you’ve done at the resort, Derrick, but I need to make some changes.”

His stomach churned. Was he about to get fired? “I’ve enjoyed working here. What’s changing?”

“As you know, I’m six months pregnant, but what you don’t know is that I’ve been put on bed rest. Effective immediately you will be the acting manager of Wildflower Resort and Spa. I know we talked about you taking over while I’m on maternity leave, and that you were concerned about the long hours during that time. I hope you can make this work because I’d hate to bring in someone new.”

His pulse thrummed in his ears. “No, it’s fine. Are you and the baby okay?” He’d begun to make changes at home to accommodate the longer hours he would be working in a few months, but he wasn’t there yet. How would his fifteen-year-old daughter, Alyssa, handle him working sixty-hour weeks?

“My baby and I are okay, but my blood pressure is too high—has been for a while now.”

No wonder Piper’s health was at risk. She had too much on her plate. Between dealing with the fire and water damage that ruined twenty rooms at the north end of the building, and the construction of the cabins for phase two of the resort, anyone would have high blood pressure.

She continued. “I know you will do an exemplary job in my absence.”

He nodded. Talk about a switch. A minute ago he’d thought he was about to be fired.

“Knock. Knock.”

He turned toward the door and spotted a raven-haired woman with pale skin and classical facial features. She was stunning even in a hoodie, ripped jeans, and work boots, which he didn’t find so attractive. She’d turn heads if she made an effort. Maybe she worked in the gardens with Chase, Piper’s husband.

“Hope.” Piper smiled and stood, though a little slower than usual. “I’d like you to meet Derrick Trainor. He’ll be acting as manager until I return. You will need to run your schedule by him before you start any work, and he’ll check over all work done each day.”

Hope frowned. “Okay.”
Derrick shook his head. “I’m sorry, but I’m not following.”
“Close the door and have a seat, Hope.”
The woman sat beside him. “Hope Michaels.” She offered her hand.

Deep purple nail polish covered her neatly trimmed nails.

“It’s nice to meet you.” He shook her hand then turned to Piper. That unsettled feeling resurfaced.

“Hope is the owner of the electrical company I hired to re-wire the section of the building that caught fire last month. Her company will also be doing all the electrical work on the cabins.”

Hope removed her hoodie revealing arms with several tattoos. He didn’t care for body art, but to each his own, or in this case, her own.

“Derrick, because of your background in electrical work, I thought it would be fitting for you to oversee this aspect of the project.” Her attention shifted to Hope. “Having a second set of eyes is no reflection on your quality of work, Hope. But after the fire I’d feel more comfortable if Derrick double- checked everything. Chase will be dealing with the rest of the subcontractors and coordinating the timelines.”

Hope’s face reddened. Clearly she wasn’t happy with Piper’s arrangement. He was an electrician by trade but hadn’t enjoyed it. After doing odd jobs he fell into his position here as assistant manager. He looked from his boss to Hope. The tension in the room was so thick it’d take a chainsaw to cut through.

“Thanks for stopping in, Hope.”

The woman stood, but to her credit she didn’t argue with Piper, though he suspected she had a few choice words for his boss. “Take care of yourself, Piper.” She grabbed her hoodie and strode from the room leaving the door open behind her.

He turned to Piper. “That was awkward.”

She wore a mischievous grin. “You’ve heard the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover?”

He nodded.

“It applies to Hope. She’s a friend, and in spite of what I said, I don’t expect there to be any issues.”

“Then why am I inspecting her work? You realize an actual inspector will do that?”

She gave him a look that clearly said he was trying her patience. Time to keep his thoughts to himself. But what exactly was Piper hinting at when she said not to judge a book—or Hope—by her cover? Sure she looked a little rough around the edges, but if his boss had confidence in her abilities, so did he.

Island Hope is available for pre-order at the discounted price of only $2.99. All the books in the series are available in print or in Kindle format. This series is part of the Kindle Unlimited program, so you can read it for free if you are a subscriber.

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The Hero’s Sweetheart with Cheryl Wyatt #NewRelease


The Hero's Sweetheart coverWelcome to Kimberly’s Musings, Cheryl! I really enjoy the Love Inspired books. How long have you been writing for the line?

Readers feel free to ask Cheryl questions.

Titanium-willed military commander Jack Sullenberger has his rules. Small town waitress Olivia Abbott is about to break them all.

His Perfect Match 

Military commander Jack Sullenberger is used to saving the day. But when his father has a stroke in his beloved small-town diner, it’s waitress and EMT student Olivia Abbott coming to the rescue. Jack rushes home to tend to his father and take over the business—running right into Olivia’s very strong opinions. The steely military man and the waitress can’t agree on what’s best for the restaurant. When Jack sees something that shakes his growing trust in Olivia, their undeniable connection is put to the test. But if Jack’s open to the truth, they’ll have a chance at finding a future together.


USA Today bestselling author and RN Cheryl Wyatt writes romance with virtue themed with rescue. She’s grateful to be a worshipper of Jesus, a mom, wife, orphan/troop advocate, plus wrangler of words and spoiled Yorkies. She loves readers and cherishes interaction at:

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Jessica Berg and A Place to Call Home

different head shotI live in a crazy world filled with three children, a new puppy, and an adoring husband. I add to my daily crazy fix by teaching high school English as well!
I have three passions: family, teaching, and writing. My stories are based off of real people, with real emotions, and real flaws. Often times, my family is a source of many of my characters, and beings I love to people watch, my characters often mirror the mannerisms and personalities of people I see across the street or people I meet in the Wal-Mart aisles.
My first book, A Place to Call Home, is my debut novel. I’m currently working on my second centered around a family farm in my home state of South Dakota.

A Plac to Call Home coverIn an attempt to conquer her painful past and gain peace over the brutal murder of her father, Grace McIntyre along with her sister, Phoebe Wallace, begins a journey that will transcend her deepest desires and bring her to the brink of despair. With the purchase of an old Victorian farmhouse in the middle of the Kansas prairie, Grace wishes to bring closure to a horrible event that had taken place there twenty-six years before. In the hopes of renovating her life, Grace enlists the talents of a local carpenter, Dominick Carson, to restore the old Victorian house to its former glory and start her own bed and breakfast. Grace soon finds herself fighting her ever growing and unwanted attraction to the man she simply hired to do a job. Little does she know, however, that her un-welcomed romance is the least of her problems: an ominous part of her past begins to stalk her and will eventually take her to the edge of disaster. Will her faith in God and the love of a good man be enough to sustain her and bring her out alive and unscathed?

Readers, feel free to ask Jessica any questions you might have about her writing journey or this book in particular. Jessica, I noticed that this book released in 2013, have you published anything since? Also, what are you currently working on?