Adrift at Sea: Dropping an Anchor That Will Hold by Sarah Ruut

Adrift at Sea graphicDo you ever feel like you’re just drifting? Life is swirling around you, and you move from one thing to the next, but you’re being carried along by the swells?

What anchor do you drop? What do you hold onto so that the waves don’t carry you where you don’t want to go?

Maybe it’s work. There’s certainly a sense of stability that comes from having a job that you know you’ll be going to each day and that will be paying the bills…

Maybe it’s family. As long as you remain close, you can support one another through whatever comes…

Maybe it’s friends – those dear ones who stick by you when life gets tough. They’re there for you, and you can count on them no matter what…

Maybe it’s financial security. Things may get rocky, but you’ve got a nest egg set aside, so you know you’ll be okay no matter what comes…

What happens when you face a layoff, lose a loved one, feel the sting of betrayal, or watch your investments plummet? None of those anchors are guaranteed, and you’re likely to face changes that affect each one of them. Then what?

In the nautical world, there are many different types of anchors to choose from. In life, there’s only one anchor that will truly hold, no matter what. That’s Jesus.

Life gets tough, and things go wrong. All our planning and preparation will be for naught if we’ve chosen the wrong anchor to drop. All those other anchors – work, other people, money – will eventually fail us. When the storms come, the only anchor that will hold is Jesus.

Take a look at Psalms 91:1-2. These two verses are such an encouragement to me when life seems to batter at me from every side. He is our refuge, and we can hide away in Him.

I don’t know where you are or what you’re going through, but I encourage you to make Jesus your anchor. Spend time reading the Bible, praying, and growing your relationship with Him. He will not only guide you through the storm, but He will give you His peace in the midst of it.

Sarah Ruut PicSarah Ruut is an avid reader who loves talking books and authors on her blog. Although she is regularly interrupted by geometry proofs and foreign languages, she wouldn’t trade her homeschooling days for anything. All she needs is a cinnamon roll and a great novel to get through the rough spots!

You can find devotional thoughts as well as reviews of Christian fiction, interviews with amazing authors, giveaways and more at You can also connect with Sarah on Twitter:



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