God of the Impossible by guest Ruthie Madison

Ruthie Madison 10926417_1040071532673022_6289040652924857760_nI’m the type of the person that believes that nothing is impossible to God. That is how big my faith is! Abraham was the same way.

Abraham being an old man and his wife also old were way past child bearing age. I believed that both had wanted children but nothing happened. Abraham must have looked at Sarah with such love in his eyes and said, “I’m just happy with you.” As he tenderly touched her face. We’re not sure this happen but what man wouldn’t want a son? Also Abraham had lived his life with his father where people were polytheistic (Worship of many gods) so maybe he hadn’t really known God to be the God of the impossible. Until God spoke to him one night.

“Abraham, I’m going to bless you BIG, but you have to leave Ur. I’ll show you the way.”

Here is where the kicker comes in: “And through you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” Try telling that to a woman past her forties or a man past the age today, esp. if he hadn’t known God as the god of the Impossible!

But Abraham listened. He packed his family and his possessions and left. No questions asked.

It was later when God told Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky!

If that was me, it would blow my mind! But the scriptures says that Abraham believed God.

Abraham got what God promised him and He and his wife named their first son Isaac (Laughter because Sarah left)

In the book of Romans, Paul wrote that Abraham didn’t waver in his faith and glorified God. God renamed Abram to Abraham even though Abraham had to wait for the fulfillment of the promise. I’m guessing the gentiles must have laughed in his face because they saw no evidence of Abraham of living up to his name (Father of nations).

Today when God gives us a new name or a promise, we must not waver in our faith. All the promises of God in Jesus Christ is Yes and Amen. IF God said it, then believe it! God never fails to fulfill his promises to us. No matter what our circumstances tell us, believe His Word.

Ruthie added Book ! 2014 decRuthie Madison is known for her unique writing styles. When she is not writing, she takes care of her widowed mother, along with her older sister. Ruthie grows and learns as an author from other authors in writers groups such as Christian Indie Authors. She had come a long way from her first book “Marge” which was republished and renamed as A Second Chance at Love. Ruthie sees her books as a little foreshadowing of her own life and are mostly based on her faith. You can learn more about her here:
and find her blog here:http://bit.ly/WkrDyv
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