Portrait of a Daughter of the King by Doreen Hanna

Good close up shot 2011

I remember awakening early one Sunday morning, when I was probably ten years old, hearing my grandmother quietly talking and singing. Curious, I tip-toed to peak through the crack of her bedroom door. Knelt by her bed, she looked like an angel as she was praying.

My thoughts drifted thinking of how I saw her most often. She’d be standing by the old gas stove making fresh tortillas; her hair in a bun, never wearing make-up; always dressed in a sackcloth dress and her nylon stockings rolled down to her ankles wearing loafers.

However, my focus was never long on how she looked because the moment she set eyes on me she would always exclaim, “Miya! How are you? You look beautiful today! Then she would hand me a fresh tortilla right off the hot griddle, and then say, “Sit down and tell me everything. I want to know all about you!” Week after week, year after year she richly validated that I was one of her most treasured possessions.

My reflective thoughts were dispelled as she must have heard me at the door. She waved me in and I knelt down as she continued to pray. She asked God’s blessings on everyone, it seemed, then ended singing a song.

When she finished she got up and said, “I must get dressed and you need to get ready to go. Your mother and father will be here soon.”

Moments later her bedroom door opened. I glanced over and took note immediately that she was wearing high heels! My eyes began to scan upward. Her nylons were rolled up past her knees. She was wearing a lovely blue dress and draped over her shoulders was fox fur collared coat cuddling her neck. Her pillbox hat was securely placed on her head with its simple veil draped over her forehead. Her purse graced her arm and her posture was like that of an arrow.

“Grandma,” I exclaimed, “You are so pretty. Do you always go to church dressed like that?” With great delight in her voice she proclaimed, “Miya, I am going to meet with the King of Kings. I am a Daughter of the King!” A chill quivered down my spine and I immediately sat up a little straighter. I felt I was in presence of royalty.

The doorbell rang. It was my parents. They quickly ushered me into the car. As we sped away I looked out the rear window to see my grandmother throwing me kisses until I was out of sight.

Today, whenever she comes to mind, I see the incredible confidence that she had in knowing “whose” she was! She was a daughter of the King of Kings.

She knew her Heavenly Father in an intimate way, confident to enter the presence of the King.

  • She did not hesitate to boldly ask for His best for all those that she prayed for.
  • She spent time daily getting to know Him through His Word.
  • She always looked for ways to bless others.

Today, I pray that you and I will embrace the riches we have in Him, enabling us to walk in the royalty we possess as Daughters of the Kings,

Raising a Modern-Day Princess Final Cover-small Doreen Hanna is the Founder & President of Treasured Celebrations Ministries – the non-profit umbrella for Modern Day Princess Headquarters. She is a Focus on the Family published author. A nationally known speaker. A faculty member of CLASS (Christian Leaders & Speakers Seminars). She was the first West-Coast Ministry Rep for Women of Faith, and for more than 30 years has been a Bible study teacher.

Additional information about Doreen can be found at:

www.doreenhanna.com or www.moderndayprincess.net


One thought on “Portrait of a Daughter of the King by Doreen Hanna

  1. lynda chomicki

    I love that story about your grandmother. How blessed you were, I never knew my fathers mother, My mothers mother was rather cold (she was one of the first women justice of the peace, in NY. So that story to say the least, warmed my heart. I am so happy it was your experience. How wonderful to have had that kind of exposure to the spirit of the Lord. Thanks for sharing. I love you Doreen, my friend and confidant for all time.


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