Is your Light Shining?


DSCF0480In my upcoming January release, A Match for Meghan, my hero, Ben, is in a tense situation. He flips on the light and says, “A little light makes all the difference.” Meghan was about ready to knock him silly with a fire extinguisher, until she saw who he was.

My mind works in weird ways and this one sentence “A Little light makes all the difference,” got me thinking about how we as Christians should be a light to those around us. Just as Jesus is the light of the world according to John 8:12, so are we to be a light to the world according to Matthew 5:14.

This world can be a dark place. We can be a beacon of light and share a hope for the future with others. We can do this in so many ways: a smile, a kind word, a word of encouragement, letting that car in front of you that needs over, taking a moment to calm down in a heated moment rather than lash out, or inviting someone to coffee.There are so many things we can do or say to be a light to others.

When I was a little girl we used to sing a song about letting our light shine. You may know the song This Little Light of Mine. I want to let my little light shine today. I hope you do too.

If someone has been a light in your life, please encourage the rest of us by sharing the highlights briefly in the comments.















2 thoughts on “Is your Light Shining?

  1. kelly @kellyblackwell

    My friend Monika is a strong light in my life. Just recently we were at a Christian concert. When we were there, Monika left her phone in the ladies room. The venue had not opened yet, and she was inside getting a pass to take photographs for our radio station. A small group of people were inside. As soon as we realized that she left her phone, we raced to the bathroom, but it was gone. I’ll be honest, I was really upset for my friend, but Monika simply said that God would take care of it and He never let her down. I suppose my biggest hurt was that my friend had been hurt and that we were at a Christian event, but her response reminded me that we are all in different stages in our walk with the Lord. The person who took her phone was in a different stage, but we know that the Lord will work on her. Maybe this action will be the thing that makes all the difference in their life. I know that I was in a different stage than Monika and God definitely worked on me.


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