Blessings by Connie Pease

IMG_0246Happy Thanksgiving! Think of it – a whole day just to say thank you! What a great concept (one we gather from the Old Testament)!

We receive much for which to be grateful, both asked for and unasked. We’re told in scripture to come to God in thanksgiving with our requests. It’s easy to fall into the “ask” part and neglect the “thank you” part. Maybe the main thing we need to request is a grateful heart. Very often I ask God for the same thing over and over again. Maybe you find yourself doing that, too.

It’s good to ask. It’s good to know that our Father cares about us and the little things that take our time and thought. I would guess, though, that He would be delighted if we took those little things off our plate (or shove them to the side) so He can give us bigger things of which we now can’t even comprehend. Maybe He has, and we just don’t see them. So as we sit down at the Thanksgiving table today, let’s lift those requests of ours from our plate and see what is already underneath, blessings our Father has already given us. Below isn’t the whole thing, just some ideas. Let’s call it our sampler plate.

  • Blessings of family: Do you have a family? Are you hearing the laughter or yelling or quiet questions of someone’s child today? Do you get to chat about everything and nothing with an older person in your family? Do you have some good memories of a happy day with a family member? Be grateful.
  • Blessings of nature: Think about the year. Have you watched a little minnow darting in a shallow pool or a big whale spouting water in the ocean? Have you enjoyed the intoxicating fragrance of a rose or apple or newly cut grass or the musky scent of fallen leaves or dirt or – tea? Have you heard a rooster crow or bird call or dog bark? These things are all – every one – from the hand of Him who relishes His creation, who delights in nature, who loves small and big things both. Who loves you even more.
  • Blessings of sustenance: Maybe it’s been a difficult year. We all have them. God bless you especially, dear friend. You already know that God blesses us no matter what comes our way. He watches over us during times of hardship as well as times of happiness, and His hand of blessing is always present. Lamentations 3: 22-23 reminds us that God keeps us from being consumed by our trouble by his loving and faithful hand. Each day the sun still rises.

Has there been something good from God’s hand in your life this year? In the bright days, have you taken a deep breath and filled up your heart and soul with his generous blessing? In the hard times, the desolate days when it really does feel like there is nothing good, has He been with you: listening, waiting through your sorrow and complaint?

God is good. That thing you keep asking for? Go ahead and keep knocking on His door, but it’s just possible He has something even better in mind. God gives us what we need when we need it, and many extra blessings we don’t need, but enjoy from His generous hand. Dig in!


ConnieUntitledWith one foot in the city and one in the north woods, Connie Pease has developed a sensitivity wrapped in equal parts gentle humor and compassionate truth.  Her creative efforts give expression to the common longings for friendship and true community found wherever God’s heart is beating in people and are found in her poetry, books, and original musicals.

Connect with Connie:

Connie’s musical published by Meriwether Publishing: A Light At Christmas – the story of Christmas with original and fun music!

Connie’s book published by HopeSprings Books: Mrs. Covington Calls Roll (August 4, 2015)

What happens when a curious and energetic Sunday School teacher sets out to track down her former Sunday School students who have gone AWOL? A cross-country trip, a hiking predicament, and exposing a small time crook are only part of it. Cathy Covington’s cousin, Andi, joins her in ditching the “Kamikaze prayer” route in favor of “hand to hand combat” of the sort entered upon by two sixty year old women. The ensuing journey includes organizing the town parade, some disconcerting family surprises, and necessary mercy.



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