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This week Alexis A. Goring shares with us about her book Hope in My Heart. Media image

Thanks for hosting me today, Kimberly!

It’s my pleasure, Alexis. Please tell us about you book.

My book is an inspirational romance novella called Hope in My Heart: A Collection of Heartwarming Stories. I wrote it because I wanted to infuse hope into real-life situations. All of my characters in the three stories that compose my book are hoping for a dream of their heart to come true and while life events may not happen the way they wanted, they eventually see how God has a plan for their lives and His plans are good (Jeremiah 29:11).

If you could be a character in your book, who would you like to be and why?

 I’d love to be Esmeralda because she has a flair for fashion and a heart for matchmaking! God used Esmeralda to arrange a date between two of the characters in my first story. You’ll have to read my book to find out what happens!

How long does it take you to write a book?

 It depends on my work schedule and my creative flow. My first book took about a year all together as I wrote the three stories that make up my novella in a few months (per story).

When you set out to plot a story, do you have a theme in mind, or does it grow organically?

I always have a theme in mind when I start a story but I’m not a heavy plotter. I tend to create character sketches, do a summary and let the characters take me on a journey. Sometimes as I delve into my characters’ dreams, desires and situations, the process surprises me with a better turn of events and ending than I originally planned. I like to write my stories as I would want to see it play out on a movie screen or television show.

What is your favorite genre to read?

Inspirational romance with authors like Becky Wade and Katie Ganshert.

What is next for you?

I hope and plan to write more books, hopefully bestsellers of good quality with captivating characters and intriguing story lines that become movies and television shows!

Ah, the dream of all writers. 🙂

Will you share a short excerpt? Yes! Here’s an excerpt from “Love Unexpected” which is the first story in my book:

Love Unexpected, Chapter 1:

Sebastian Carter stretched out his muscles then flexed in the gym mirror. “What’s cooking, good looking?” he asked his reflection.

“Aren’t you tired of talking to yourself?” Someone snapped a towel against Sebastian’s chiseled arms. “Get a girlfriend!”

Sebastian flashed a grin to his gym buddy, Hannah Sutton. “You busy Saturday night?”

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I’m busy all right.” She flashed her ring finger in the mirror, and the glare of a diamond blinded him for a second.

“What?” He shielded his eyes. “When did this happen?”

“Yesterday,” Hannah replied with a sigh.

“Congratulations. Who’s the lucky man?”

A deep blush colored Hannah’s face.

“Oh,” Sebastian teased, “so he makes you blush! Must be somebody special.”

A male voice sounded behind Sebastian. “Hey, what are you doing talking to my fiancée, Sebastian?”

Sebastian turned to see Hannah’s personal trainer, Jacob Richards, standing beside him. Sebastian laughed. “Naw, naw! You two are a couple now?”

Jacob walked past him and encircled Hannah in his arms. The deep blush on Hannah’s face was replaced with a beautiful glow as she and Jacob shared a look and then a kiss.

“Aww, no, man,” Sebastian cried. “Save the PDA for another place and time.”

But Hannah and Jacob were oblivious to his pleas. He shielded his eyes from the newly engaged couple and made his way toward the locker room. First his sister got married. Sebastian glanced over his shoulder at Hannah and Jacob, walking arm-in-arm toward the treadmills. And now his best gym buddy. What was going on?

“There must be something in the water,” he mused then paused. “In that case, I’m showering at home.”


Love Unexpected, Chapter 2:


Esmeralda Rodriguez looked up from her desk to see the intern, Chandra McIntire, run into her corner office and pause to gather her breath. “Yes, Chandra?” she asked.

Chandra was one of Esmeralda’s favorite workers. Five years ago, Chandra had secured an internship with Boulevard Fashions and now worked exclusively with Esmeralda.

Chandra was five feet four, very petite, and personable. Everyone at the fashion agency liked her, but sometimes her dramatic panic attacks, generated by the daily deadlines, frazzled her colleagues.

“What is it, Chandra?”

Chandra held up her hand as if to say, “Wait a minute,” and sat down in the chair in front of Esmeralda’s desk. “You won’t believe it.”

Esmeralda grew calm, preparing herself for any news of a crisis or another wave of Chandra’s dramatic flairs.

Prima and Primo wants to stop by the office and see you!”

Esmeralda felt her eyes grow wide. “Shut up.”

Chandra shook her head. “I’m serious.” Prima and Primo was a premier design firm based in Southern California and were quickly gaining nationwide publicity with their cutting edge, fancy, but affordable fashions.

Esmeralda nearly dropped the folder she held. Quickly, she placed it on her desk and took out her Blackberry. “When?” I’ve got to make room for this, she thought as she checked her phone agenda.


Esmeralda dropped everything. “Stop lying!”

Chandra shook her thick, dark brown curls to say she wasn’t lying and smiled.

“What time? Where? Why? Oh my—I’ve got to fix my hair!” Esmeralda cried as she adjusted her messy-style hair bun while looking in the mirror attached to her wall.

“I told them that you would be free this afternoon.”

“Time, Chandra. What time?”

“Five o’clock.”

“All right, I think I can be ready by then.” Esmeralda picked up her Blackberry again to pencil in the meeting. “Why so late?” she asked, looking up at Chandra.

“They want to take us out to dinner.”

“Us?” Esmeralda questioned. “As in who?”

“Me and you,” Chandra replied then gave her boss a more serious look. “Honestly now, do you think I would let an opportunity like this pass me by?”

Esmeralda laughed. “Okay then. We’ll be ready. Did they share the meeting’s agenda with you?”

Chandra shrugged. “They said they would like to discuss the nature of this meeting over a meal.”

“Did they let you pick the restaurant?”


“And you chose . . . ”

“Sunset Boulevard Grill.”

“All right. Sounds good.”

As Chandra exited, Esmeralda finished entering the business dinner date into her Blackberry. Prima and Primo . . . she couldn’t wait to find out what they wanted with her company.

#          #          #

Thanks! Alexis is giving away one signed copy of Hope in My Heart.

Rules: One lucky commenter will win a copy of Hope in My Heart. The drawing ends September 28th, 2014. The winner will be notified September 29th, 2014 and have until 10/4/14 to reply or forfeit the book. Drawing is open to USA mailing addresses only. Void where prohibited by law.

Author photoAlexis A. Goring is a college graduate with a degree in print journalism from Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland. Writing is her passion. She hopes that her stories will touch hearts, bring smiles to faces, and inspire minds to seek God whose love for humanity is unfailing.

Alexis loves connecting with her readers! Follow Alexis on Twitter @pennedbyalex, “Like” her Author page on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAlexisAGoring, visit her official website, http://www.alexisagoring.com/ and read her blog, “God is Love” (http://capturingtheidea.blogspot.com/).


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  1. Jerusha

    Thanks for offering a giveaway! I really like your dialogue in the sample from your novella, Alexis–very realistic! 🙂 I appreciate your desire to show hope and God’s purpose through your story.


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