The Marshal’s Pursuit with Gina Welborn

the marshal's pursuitThis week we welcome Gina Welborn. I’m always extra excited to have a Heartsong Presents writer visit. ūüôā

Please tell us about The Marshal’s Pursuit.

The witness protection program we know of today didn’t exist prior to 1970. In fact, as of 2013, over 8k witnesses and close to 10k family members have been protected by the U.S. Marshals Service. The Marshal’s Pursuit shows one way witnesses were protected in the past by the marshals. New York City was a mafia (mafiosi) cesspool, so I wanted to bring in that element while connecting it to the marshals. In many ways, the mafia mirrored High Society where people married to “get in” and to “move up.” The story is also set in the exclusive Tuxedo Park community. Lots of kudos to the historical society for help with research.
I want to read this book, Gina! Will you share a short excerpt?

I’d love to! Please check it out on the Harlequin website.

If you could be a character in your book, who would you like to be and why? ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†I adore U.S. Marshal Norma Hogan. She doesn’t let her identity and skills as a marshal or her obsession with her car lesson her femininity. She takes time to look pretty. I can get so busy with taking care of family and home and writing stuff, that I can be at the mall and one of my kids will point out the dried paint on my calves or chipped polish on my toe nails. Whoops! Norma wouldn’t even get paint on her if she was painting. She’s not messy like I am.
Why do you write the kind of books you write?
I love reading romances. I also love reading non-fiction. When I read books by John Eldredge, Frank Viola, Beth Moore, etc., those things God teaches me are things I want share with readers who probably will never pick up From Eternity to Here, Wild at Heart, or Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman. Ever read a book where you feel the author was preaching at or lecturing to you? I have. Abhor those books. But God’s truth doesn’t have to be preached or lectured for the Holy Spirit to speak truth into the heart of the reader. I also want to write books that will make me smile, bring me joy. My hope is my readers will smile and feel joy too after reading my stories. And I have to say writing is cathartic. I’ve dealt with a lot of my issues by making my leads deal with their issues, which are really my issues.
I was just telling my husband the other day that writing is cathartic for me. ūüôā I take the summers off from writing and have found I’m getting crabby. I started back to writing on the first¬†day of school.

When you set out to plot a story, do you have a theme in mind, or does it grow organically?

Pretty much I have a theme in mind. My stories sold on a proposal. When I build a proposal, I begin with a one-sentence summary of the book, back-cover blurb, scripture verse, and spiritual takeaway. ¬†With The Marshal’s Pursuit, I knew the story was about Malia holding onto her integrity and doing the God-honoring thing even though it made things worse for her brother. The compare/contrast of New York High Society to the mafia didn’t hit me until I was writing chapter five. I like knowing some story elements (and character issues) will develop organically. At the end of chapter three, Frank and the chief marshal can’t figure out why Malia’s brother asked her to do something that put her in direct danger. I didn’t know the answer until Frank figured it out in chapter 12 or 13. And I didn’t fret not knowing. When I attended RWA conference last year, one workshop speaker said when you’re given a story idea, you’re given all of it. Some details will take time to figure out, and that’s okay. You don’t need all the answers at the beginning.

¬†I agree about not needing all the answers to start. I often find myself writing, not sure how I’m going to resolve something and I later realize the answer was staring me in the face the entire time, or the answer wove¬†itself into the story.

What is next for you?

I’m currently working on a novella for Barbour Publishing’s The Most Eligible Bachelor 9-in-1 Collection to be released spring 2015. My oldest daughter started watching “The Bachelor”¬†tv show with me, which I used as opportunity to talk to about dating and relationships. For years I’ve wanted to write an inspirational version of the show, and do it in a historical context. So when I saw the call Becky Germany put out for this collection, I jumped on the opportunity. Baker’s Dozen spotlights misconceptions us girls have about romance, kissing frogs in hopes they turn into princes, and the fallacy of “soul mate” theology. You can find a little more about it on my website on my Coming Soon page.

That sounds like another great story. I hope you will come back and share with us some more when it releases.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with your readers!

You are very welcome, and thank you for offering to give away one signed copy to a lucky commenter.

Rules: Open to USA mailing addresses only. The drawing closes 9/21/14. The winner will be notified by email on 9/22/14¬†and have until 9/28/14 to respond or forfeit the book. No new winner will be drawn.¬†Watch your in boxes and check your spam for my email. There have been several winners who didn’t respond and missed out. Void were prohibited by law.

GINA 2012 cropGina Welborn wrote¬†public service announcements for a news radio station until she fell in¬†love with writing romances. She’s written three novellas for¬†Barbour, including the 2014 Selah finalist “Mercy Mild”¬†in the ECPA-bestselling¬†Mistletoe Memories. This year ushers in the release of her novels:¬†The Heiress’s Courtship,¬†The Marshal’s Pursuit,¬†and¬†Masterpiece Marriage. A moderately¬†obsessive fan of¬†Community,¬†Once Upon a Time, and¬†Chopped, Gina lives in Oklahoma with her pastor-husband, their five Okie-Hokie children, a box-lab, two rabbits, four¬†guinea pigs, and a fancy Russian dwarf hamster. She is represented by The Steve Laube Agency.

Book Purchasing Links¬†for THE MARSHAL’S PURSUIT

Love Inspired/Heartsong Presents

September 2014


Barnes & Noble

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The Marshal’s Pursuit is the 2nd book in 4-book Tuxedo Park Series. 1st book : The Honorable Heir by Laurie Alice Eakes (May 2014 LIHP)

Back Cover Blurb 


When her brother is arrested for a gangster’s murder, Malia Vaccarelli is plunged into danger. Her life in peril, she trusts on one–not even the special U.S. marshal assigned to protect her. But handsome Frank Louden isn’t what Malia expects.

Hiding Malia on his grandparents’ Tuxedo Park estate may not be the best idea, but Frank is determined to do anything to protect her . . . even if he’s soon unable to ignore his growing feelings for the beautiful woman. As their romance blossoms, will Malia’s criminal connections force her to choose between her family and her heart?





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