Code Prodigal and K.D Harp

Spencer Series code prodigal finalK.D. Harp is with us this week to share about her book Code Prodigal. Welcome, K.D. please tell us about your book.

CODE PRODIGAL’s my second published work, the first targeted at the Christian bookseller’s market. I’m proud as can be to mention it made the semi-finals in the highly competitive and prestigious American Christian Fiction Awards GENESIS contest.
Featuring Boone (a Marine home from OPS) and Brianna (Summer camp director), it has the bad guy mayhem and hero/heroine bravery you’d expect in a romantic suspense. The two pair up to fill in for Boone’s sister (Brianna’s friend) to watch over his niece. In the world history of babysitting, it’s never been this difficult, and falling in love only makes things trickier. (The full backcover copy appears on my website
I like how they struggle with balancing not only the gifts each has that can benefit the other, but also the give and take all new relationships have:
How far do I go with advice or help?
What’s too much too soon?

I also like how it goes beyond the story’s faith aspect being represented just by a “Christian” sounding business or people attending church between run-ins with the bad guys. When they aren’t confronting Mafia kingpins, Brianna and Boone explore relevant faith issues like:
Is questioning God the same as a lack of faith?
Is having concerns the affront to God so many churches seem to teach in this age of prosperity and positive thoughts?

While such spiritual aspects might appeal to some readers, it also portrays Christians more the way we really live, rather than how we’re usually depicted. I haven’t met any real couple that didn’t have a God given libido, but many CBA offerings gloss over that. (I make CBA editors uncomfortable, but I could let my father-in-law read Prodigal, and he’s a Class A guy.)
There’s thought behind the ‘edge’. Prodigal‘s series is a potential cross-over from my other True Colors series, targeted at the ‘regular’ ABA market. I want to encourage and entertain people of faith with it, but I also want to give insight into how we live to people unfamiliar with our culture. So many people think of us as passionless non-thinkers, it’s important to me to make sure my characters aren’t just smart and courageous, but also (while by no means even PG-rated) have ALL the aspects of humanity real people are given.
All manner of media undermines Godly values everywhere we turn. One of my goals is to use entertainment to affirm strong character values in the next generation of the faith, so pretending we don’t have physical desires would miss the mark. No point in writing, if I fail in that mission.
God willing, my work is a fun reinforcement of values which have served me well, and can serve today‘s (and tomorrow‘s) young adults.

What is next for you?

If I stay on schedule, the second in the far edgier “True Colors” series, WHITE LIES comes out this fall, just under a year shy of the release of its predecessor, BLACKMAIL. (WHITE LIES took fourth place in the nationwide Hook, Line & Sinker! Contest. How cool is that?)
The next piece in CODE PRODIGAL’S “Fighting for the Heart of Spencer” series, RESCUE ME, is due out next Spring.
(You can subscribe to a newsletter with head’s up on all releases at which also features cover previews and is where I play with backcover copy for upcoming titles if you’re into that sort of thing.)
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Oh yeah! I’m supposed to craftily sneak in a plea to “Like” K.D. Harp, Author on facebook somewhere in this interview. Something less desperate than say, my local news team does. (Those people seriously need some friends or a hobby or something.)

Did you or do you have anything fun planned for this summer?

My father always talked about going to Alaska, something we wanted to do but couldn’t fund. He died last summer, and left my brother and I enough to make the trip this year. Alaska’s a beautiful, inspiring hunk of God country for sure and we all had a great time, doing this trip to the max. My husband and I are usually pretty frugal, the type to buy a two liter and reuse ice and cups from the fast food place, but this trip was in memory of Dad, so we flew over fijords and even sprang for the ATV run near Denali. It reminded me of bouncing along in Dad’s truck as a child, and hikes with him in our local wilderness. Back then, you could even drink from creeks or rivers you came across, and he taught us what to look for, and how to cup our hands and slake our thirst in the days before water bottles. That adventure occurred on Dad’s birthday, and as we finished the trek (running up a stretch of dry river bed) the guides invited us to hop off and collect rocks from an old quarry. Someone pointed to a trickle of water coming down the hill, nothing bigger than a garden hose’s output, which fast became a rivulet, and would soon be a summer stream. The guide explained we’d witnessed the arrival of glacier melt, the first of the season. Hard to find water purer than this. It would become a mountain creek within hours and arrived at that spot just as we did.
My brother, always faster on his feet than me, bent over and cupped his hands to snare a taste of glacier and I followed, remembering our hikes with Dad. He would’ve loved this. It’s neat how God can layer a moment if we stop to observe.
As we jounced home, making full use of any rut or ridge to maximize our fun, my son, who drew the short straw and rode with me,commented no one else in the group was game to choose a rock or taste the previous winter.
He’d hit on something big and the reason behind our trip: live life as full as you can while you can.
I just had to go all MOM on him. “You know I preach caution. But some people are afraid to look spontaneous and they waste opportunities like this,” I said. “You be different. Be the one looking for the rock. Push for the best. Taste the water. Standing to the side and watching is no way to live.”
He nodded and smiled-
…and held on for dear life.

I’m sorry about your dad, but what a wonderful tribute to his life and legacy!
Do you have a favorite spot in which to write?

It’s a treehouse overlooking a deer run with electrical power, ceiling fan, and rocker. It has a phone which only connects calls from people I want to talk with, and never needs maintenance. Oh hang on. You didn’t say ‘fantasy spot’ to write. In reality, I have an office, which stores extra copies of books and old rejection letters among other things. I actually work with a laptop, sometimes in a park or restaurant/cafe, once on a beach, (yeah, I know, beaches are for READING books, not writing them) but most often looking out at the woods through my family room window.

What is your favorite sweet treat?

It’s either a chocolate/chocolate fudge homemade seven layer cake of refrigerated decadence I make on rare occasions, or chocolate coconut covered macadamias by Mauna Loa, (You sense a theme here…)
We discovered them on an anniversary trip (romantically chaperoned by our young son. …I know, I know. They’re going to take away my RWA and ACFW membership cards when this gets out…)
Fortunately, I’m too lazy to make the cake and the candy is VERY hard to come by unless you live in Hawaii, or I’d be immobile.

If you weren’t a writer what do you think you would be doing?

I’d be in medicine or nursing somehow. I loved the science of it, and the heart. We can’t have enough good people in those fields. Almost did it anyway, but my own health issues tracked me toward something more flexible, like writing.
Whatever I do, I want to make a positive difference.
Thanks for inviting me. This has been fun.
Please leave a comment for a chance to win Code Prodigal.

Rules: There must be at least qualifying 10 comments for the drawing to take place. Drawing is open to USA mailing addresses only. Drawing ends September 7th. The winner will be contacted by me via email September 8th, and have until September 14th to respond or forfeit the book. Void where prohibited by law.

fb headshot2x3GENESIS award semi-finalist and native Atlantan K.D. Harp enjoys world travel, volunteering, and educating non-Southern folk about the appropriate use of the phrase “Bless his heart,” the original meaning of which has NOTHING to do with sarcastically calling someone a sucker, and is properly used to imply a ‘there but for the Grace of God’ sentiment.

Bored and dismayed by the trend in today’s entertainment to equate genuine love with the pale imitation of lust without personal investment, K.D. portrays people of character engaged with a world that lacks it. When they do it without losing the physical passion and sense of humor God would give to them, it’s a total win. This debut author needs all the support she can get in this endeavor.  Your prayer support is coveted.

The Georgia State University grad has no patience for dumb protagonists, and true to form, female leads will MacGyver their way out of some sort of situation whether it’s jury-rigging a flamethrower with kitchen supplies or finding new uses for a fire extinguisher to escape an inferno.

K.D. won 4th place in the nationwide Hook, Line & Sinker! contest and and has been honored by her local Boy Scouts of America council with a Distinguished Service Award.

You can read more on K.D. at:

most frequently at K.D. Harp, Author Facebook page

Amazon Author Page:

occasionally at GOODREADS:

K.D.’s works are available in regular and large print paperbacks and for Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Easy links to the format of your choice can be found at


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  1. KayM

    K.D. and Kimberley, I enjoyed the entertaining interview. K.D., I wish you well in writing for the Christian market. I hope your work will be appreciated. I’m looking forward to reading Code Prodigal.


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