New Beginnings, Good or Bad?

photo 5(2)As we enter another school year and I enter another new phase of my life, I’m reminded that new beginnings are a fresh start. How great is that? I’m not one who generally likes change, but I’m excited about what the future holds for my son as he begins his first year of college out-of-state. (Incidentally he’s the photographer for almost all of the photos that I post with my devotionals. He has a gallery on iStock. If your interested I’ll share the link–just ask. J)

Yes, it’s odd not having him at home with our family, but at the same time, this is a very exciting time for him and all the other freshman, or anyone else experiencing a fresh start.

I am reminded of Ecclesiastes chapter three. It says that there is a time for everything and goes on for eight verses about this. This is our time to dance as stated in vs. four as our son steps out on his own.

I know not everyone looks at change with excitement and for many when their children go off to school it is a season of mourning. I understand that feeling, but I refuse to be sad. I will instead rejoice that my son has this opportunity and pray that he is successful.

Have you had, or are you experiencing a fresh start? How has that affected you? Is there a scripture you leaned on if this was a difficult change? Or perhaps you have word of encouragement to share.



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