The Finish Line

DSCF2229 skyI received my contract offer with Heartsong Presents in 2012. Getting to that point was a exercise in patience and hard work. But more important than everything I did was giving God control of my writing career.

Once I turned my future in writing over to Him, my attitude changed and so did my writing. It was no longer all on me. God was given the proverbial reigns, and I was a peace.

It’s now two years after my first contract, and I have a second contract with Heartsong Presents for two more books. The fourth book in my Leavenworth, WA series was contracted and will release in January 2015. They also bought a second book that will release in March 2015. This second book is a stand alone that has nothing to do with my Leavenworth series. It takes place in a fictional Oregon town. I’m calling it Valentine’s Day Blues.

The Finish Line post concludes my mini series on my road to publication. Thanks for reading.

This week is extra special for me since book two in my series released. Be sure to leave a comment on the Monday post to be entered for a chance to win A Romance Rekindled. If you leave a comment here I’ll count it, but the rules posted on Monday apply here.


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