I will Get your Attention by Ginny Hamlin

This week guest blogger Ginny Hamlin shares with us.

I Will Get Your Attention
God spoke those words to my heart April 2009 and I will never forget them.

April 18th my husband took off for a planned photo shoot in the Angeles National Forest Mountains near Lytle Creek. He is always well prepared when he shoots in remote areas so my level of confidence in his abilities is great. It helps he’s retired U.S. Air Force and has training for survival situations.
When he did not return home at the scheduled time, I reasoned he was caught up taking great photographs. The hours passed and concern turned to worry – the kind many parents’ of a teen have experienced: Was there a car accident? Is he in a hospital and they have yet to contact me?
Between 2200 and 0600 my thoughts were in a tug-of-war. I fought to hold onto God’s Word on how to deal with my crisis–God forbid he was taken from me. At times, I surrendered to treasured memories with my husband and the fear there may be no more memories to create. In those bittersweet moments, I realized even my husband’s “few annoying” habits would be missed.
Fast-forward through time to 0600. Prayer chains have been contacted along with local law enforcement. The adult children who live in Arizona are headed to California. Local family is gathered in the living room trying not to talk about the fears in our hearts.
The phone rang. He was safe. Our SUV battery failed internally and rather than hike down a mountain in the dark, my military man stayed with the vehicle until daylight.
What is the relevancy of…I will Get Your Attention.
In His mercy God gave me a glimpse of what life would be like without my precious husband. Relationship is important to God. So much so He sent His only begotten Son to die for us. We need to tell those we love that we love them and just as important we need to show them how much we love them. As husband and wife, God longs to be involved in our individual lives and in the life of our marriage…. Marriage (truly) Takes Three.
CoverIn my debut novel, ‘Marriage Takes Three’, Darla Connor is struggling with whether to stay in her troubled marriage or walk away. Maintaining a long distance friendship with an old sweetheart isn’t making the decision easier, especially when that sweetheart, now a famous country music star declares his love for her, even though she is married. Randall Connor is a recovering alcoholic and wants to heal his broken marriage, and as a new believer, he is counting on God to help him. When Darla rejects his ultimatum to sever ties with her old boyfriend, he’s in for the battle of his life. Will Darla follow promises of a better life with her old boyfriend, or will she surrender to God in time to save her marriage?
G.E. Hamlin (Ginny) passionately writes about broken marriages and the restorative power of Jesus Christ. Her stories stem from personal experiences and working in lay ministry as aGE Hamlin Photo-1 member of her church. Her characters encounter the natural consequences of addiction to: alcohol, drugs, and sexual immorality. It is Ginny’s hope each story will create a bridge for discussion in real life.
Ginny has been a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) for over six years. Her style of writing reflects the qualities of Nicholas Sparks’ soft side and the fast pace of James Patterson.
She and her husband Ed have a blended family with five adult children and eight grandchildren. Ginny and her husband live in southern California where they enjoy the beach, desert, and mountains. As a full time author, she is blessed with frequent opportunities to spend time with the grandchildren.

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