Worth the Wait

9781938708268 This week Laura Jackson will share with us about her novel Worth the Wait. Welcome, Laura. Please give us a short blurb about your story.

Ellie Lansing has a picture-perfect life with a close-knit family and the perfect boyfriend. But her world is suddenly knocked off center when her drool-worthy boyfriend cheats, and her always-has-it-together mother is diagnosed with cancer. Ellie doesn’t get it. She always does the right thing – doesn’t God owe her a happy life? Through her heartache, Ellie learns that sometimes what seems like the end is really just the beginning and that what God has for us is always worth the wait.

Please describe the setting where you write? Also, do you need silence or noise in the background?

I write in my bedroom mostly. I don’t have an office, and my bed is comfy. I listen to sports radio and/or Rockets or Texans games. Weird, I know.

Not weird to me–sports can serve many purposes. I like to listen to football to help me fall asleep. 🙂 That may sound like a bad thing, but I love football and it relaxes me, so if I’m having a hard time sleeping, I put on a game. It must be NFL though, not college as they sound different so college doesn’t have the same effect on me. 😀

Do you have a favorite character in your book and why?

I really love Josh in Worth the Wait. He’s the kind of guy that I pray my nephew grows up to be (I don’t have kids, or I would pray that for my own kids.) I also love Lindsey, the mean girl. I’m working on her story now. Sometimes mean characters are more interesting–figuring out what makes them tick.

I’m so pleased you chose to answer this question, Laura. Most of the writers I ask refuse since they can’t choose a favorite baby. 🙂

If you could have one wish granted what would it be and why?

If I could have a wish granted, cupcakes wouldn’t have calories. On a more serious note, I would wish for everyone on the earth to hear about Jesus. What they do with that information is up to them, but it hurts my heart to think about those unreached people groups around the world.

What is your favorite snack?

I love cupcakes and Nothing Bundt Cakes. (If they don’t have one of those shops by you, be glad.) I’m trying to switch to snacking on nuts and fruit, but it’s not quite the same.

🙂 Thanks for sharing with us, Laura and for doing a giveaway. If you would like to be entered into the drawing you must answer the following question.

Waiting for God to move is hard. When was a time you had to wait on Him? Are you waiting now? I’m waiting on summer vacation and a husband. They aren’t equally hard, but both are sometimes difficult. 🙂

2013-07-08 22.35.34 (2)Laura Jackson loves books—reading and writing them. A life-long reader, Laura studied English in college and taught 7th grade language arts before earning her Master’s degree and becoming a school librarian. Now, she spends her days sharing great books with kids and her evenings writing books about teenage girls discovering God and His plan for their lives.

Drawing Rules: You must have a USA mailing address to be entered. There must be at least ten qualifying comments for the drawing to take place. The drawing ends 2/16/2014. The winner will be contacted by email on 2/17/14 and have until 2/23/2014 to respond or forfeit–no new winner will be chosen. Void where prohibited by law.


19 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. Joyful Reader

    Sorry, I have been kind of lurking about lately. Hardly get time to read all my favorite blogs much less post a comment. But I wanted you to know that I enjoy these interviews. I am really interested in this one not only for me but for my girls too! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Joyful Reader

        My girls are 17 and 21. The oldest went through a rough relationship right after high school and she is drawing close to the Lord. Learning to wait on His choice for her.
        The other one on the other hand is wanting a boyfriend so bad she just can’t see past the right now. The older tries to tell her what heart ache comes form that. We pray for our young girls every day! It is hard to be in this world.

      2. Kimberly Rose Johnson Post author

        Hi Joyful Reader, that is a tough spot to be in for your younger daughter. I imagine most of us have been there when we were her age. Hopefully she won’t have to learn the hard way and will listen to her sister.

    1. Laura Jackson

      That’s a tough age. I cringe when I read my old diaries…..now, I’m like, “Didn’t you do anything other than thinking about boys?” 🙂

  2. Kimberly Rose Johnson Post author

    Joyful Reader it’s great to see you here again! I think we’ve all been very busy lately. Comments have been a little sparse. I’m so glad you are enjoying the interviews and pleased that even though you are busy you are still reading them.:) Thanks for commenting!

    1. Laura Jackson

      I love winter, but I’m ready for summer since I’m a school librarian and am looking forward to the break!
      Glad you’re at a better job now. 🙂

  3. Melanie Backus

    I always wanted to be a wife and mother but those things come in their own time and they are definitely worth the wait.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

    1. Laura Jackson

      Yep, and I think when you have to wait a long time, you appreciate things a little more. If that’s true, I’ll be the most appreciative wife ever! Ha!

  4. Amairani

    I am waiting for time to pass by. When I’m thinking about the present I get frustrated things take too long to finish (since I’m very impatient). Like when I was waiting on God to help me decide what to do after I graduate from college, I’d just occupy my mind with other things rather than thinking about the present or future. I just live the life at the very minute.

    1. Laura Jackson

      I wish I could live in the moment. I try, and then I wonder if I’m wishing my life away…hoping for the weekend, spring break, summer break, etc. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!


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