Homefront Dreams

homefront dreams  Welcome, Darlene! Please tell us about Homefront Dreams.

CLARINDA FINCH HATES CHANGEAs the newly elected mayor of Maple Notch, the war widow must lead her town through the dark days of World War II. But where she finds comfort in tradition, the town council insists on trying new ways of handling the homefront challenges. Her most untraditional opponent? Councilman Ralph Quincy.High school principal Ralph never expected to become a friend to Clarinda and her family. But as she spars with him over the war effort, the smart, spirited mayor is the most compelling woman he’s ever known. Can they put aside their differences and fight for both their town and a future together?

Is this the final book in the series or is there more to come?
Homefront Dreams is the last book in my Maple Notch Dreams series, and it’s also book #6 of nine books in all about the fictional town of Maple Notch, Vermont.
Maple Notch Brides took the Tuttles from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War. Maple Notch Dreams picks up with their descendants, three siblings. Wallace finds love with a flapper, Winnie seeks gold at the 1932 Olympics, and widowed Clarinda finds love with her opponent in the mayoral race.
Maple Notch Days has three contemporary stories about three sisters, granddaughters of Clarinda.
Saving Felicity will come out in August, and Runaway Love and Homecoming next year.
How wonderful that you were able to follow this family for so long and for more than one series! What is next for you?
I am working on the Maple Notch Days series. I’m also working on marketing a completed mss and brainstorming other ideas.
How long have you been writing professionally?
I began writing 22 years ago. My first book came out in 2005, and I’ve been writing full time for the past four years.
Besides writing what do you enjoy doing?
Reading, of course. Have you ever met a writer who didn’t love to read? My latest passion is genealogy. I’ve been researching my ancestors. On my mother’s side, I’ve hit a roadblock with her greatgrandparents (they came from Europe in the late 19th century).  But on my father’s side, I can trace my ancestry all the way back to the Mayflower. If I’m reading it correctly.  Right now I’m pushing back as far as I can in time. Later I will branch out, and see if I can connect with my grandmother’s side of the family.
LOL I don’t think I have met a writer who doesn’t enjoy reading, but many say they are too busy writing to read. I’m glad you find the time to read. 🙂 I hope you are successful in your genealogy search.
Darlene has offered to give a book away to one lucky commenter. To be entered you must answer the following question.
What do you most admire about the “Greatest Generation,” the men and woman who sacrificed during World War II?
Rules: Drawing is open to U.S.A. addresses only. There must be at least ten qualifying comments for the drawing to take place. Void where prohibited by law. Drawing ends Midnight Eastern time January 26th 2014. The winner will be notified by email 1-27-14 and will have until 2-9-14 to respond or forfeit the book.
df jpeg To find out more about Darlene and her books check out her sites at

Thanks for joining us this week, Darlene!

8 thoughts on “Homefront Dreams

  1. Chris Granville

    The best thing about the Greatest Generation was the they fought or helped with the War Effort They were committed to it. They were behind it. They helped and honored our Veterans God bless you
    Chris Granville

  2. Martha J. Sturm

    To my knowledge, the great generation did not protest the war and refuse to go. They did what had to be done at great cost. My father was one of those people.

  3. Janet Estridge

    My Father also was one of the “Great” ones of his Generation. I am very proud of him and the sacrifices that he and others made so that we can live in a free country.
    God Bless America!


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