Do You have a Favorite?

Rodeo Queen coverStarlightStarbright_w11612_300SummerNightCoverLargescan0002Catching Serenity Front Cover Image (2)Pioneer Christmas coverClaiming Peace finalBook Cover New KindleChristmas Promise CoverDeadlyAdditive Cover_h11156_680#2 FINALStACoverLittle Bit of Charm, AClimbingHeartbreakHill-JoselynVaughn-453x680Cover again_2RulesCoverCropLove Stays True 3-11WhispersOnThePrairie Final Medium sizeSerenitySpringsCOVER_72Sb(1)PrintHush cover with text revi (FINAL - 4-17-2012)??????????????????????????antiquedreams_lgPromises_Cover-BandNflate coverSurrendered Love Cover (1)calico bridestexas bridesAngel Falls by Connie MannBlowing--sized downhidden dreamsTheHeartStone cover(1)RCLyles Coverperf6.000x9.000.inddperf5.500x8.500.inddLexisHeart_72_medWaitingforSpring953184WTK CoverMind of Her OwnDetection-Mission-189x300Ava's God coverCourageToChangeFront

Special thanks to all the authors who stopped by In 2013 to share about their books. I hope you all enjoyed the interviews and if you won a book, and enjoyed it, that you told a friend or two, maybe even wrote a review.

Do you have a favorite from the covers above? What made that book or interview your favorite?

I have a great lineup of authors with new and semi-new releases scheduled for 2014. I hope you will help those authors know how much we appreciate them by leaving comments. If you happen to win a copy of one of their books, please return the favor by leaving them a review on Amazon, Good Reads, or some other popular book site. A review is not required, but very appreciated. 🙂

Happy New Year!


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