The Lord is Faithful


1 Chronicles 16:34

Even when things aren’t going the way we expect, He is in control. He loves his children and desires His best for us. We can’t see the full picture, but He is all knowing and does know what’s to come.

Sure I’d love to know what’s going to happen, with this or that aspect of my life or my children’s lives, but I rest in the fact that God loves his children and is faithful. He wants the best for me, just as I want the best for my children.

He wants the best for YOU.

Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness and for never giving up on us. Thank you for your encouragement and meeting us where we are.


One thought on “The Lord is Faithful

  1. Joyful Reader

    Had this conversation at church last night. God answers prayer. His answer doesn’t always look like what we think the answer should be. He knows what is ahead and what is best for us at all times. I am thankful for His unfailing love!


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