For the second week in a row I’m writing this at the last-minute. Any one who knows me well is aware I am NOT a last-minute kind of person. I can’t stand having anything hanging over my head. Yes, I was the kid in class who always had the big assignment done a week before it was due.

But lately I’ve been really struggling with this aspect of my blog. Finding something to share every week has been a challenge. This morning I was reading the Jewels of Encouragement blog and the writer quoted Matthew 11:28.

My mind shouted “Yes” when I read that verse. I am weary! I need a great big Abba Father bear hug.

What about you? Are you tired, overwhelmed, don’t know what to do next because there’s too much to do? I encourage you to stop and take a deep breath then release it slowly. Instead of focusing on everything else spend some time with the Lord and allow Him to fill you up. Grab your Bible, listen to some worship music, or simply find a quiet place and be still. Rest. He will meet you where you are.

I hope you all have a blessed week.


4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Joyful Reader

    This seems to be the theme at most places I have visited this morning. Too much going on in our lives that may not (or may) be for the glory of God. But ulimately take our focus off spending time in His word or with Him in prayer. Taking the time to rest, listen, and allow Him to comfort you! Praying that we all will take the time for rest!


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