A Little Bit of charm

Little Bit of Charm, A

Thanks for joining us Mary. Please tell us about A Little Bit of Charm:

A dream come true…a loss like no other…but is the price of happiness worth the cost? Rachel King, still recovering from the death of her parents, watches both of her older sisters find happiness in homes of their own with husbands who adore them. She yearns for her own new beginning. Her cousin Sarah lives near a Thoroughbred stable in Kentucky, and the opportunity to work around beautiful horses has always been Rachel’s dream. She leaves Lancaster County to find a home with Sarah and her husband, Isaac. When a job at Twelve Elms Stables opens up unexpectedly, it seems as though God has answered Rachel’s prayers. Then she meets Jake Brady, one of the owners of Twelve Elms, and her life becomes complicated. He’s attractive and charming, and his interest in her is flattering. But he’s also English as well as her boss. When Amish men she meets at church and singings start pursuing her, Rachel has important decisions to make. What does a young woman do when her heart puts her faith in jeopardy?
Is this the final book in the series, or is there more to come?
Yes, this is the final book in the New Beginnings series. It was preceded by Living in Harmony and Love Comes to Paradise. In April, Harvest House will release, A Plain Man, my next Amish fictional story, primarily from a man’s point of view.
Please tell us what inspires you to write Amish fiction.
I love writing Amish fiction! I grew up close to a large eastern Ohio Old Order settlement and now my husband and I live close to  the largest concentration in the US. I love researching, interviewing and crafting stories about these devout Christians. I lose some of my own stress and worries whenever I’m around their tidy farms and shops. I get a better perspective of what’s truly important in life, and what’s not. I can’t think of a better way to make a living!
Thanks for sharing! If you would like to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win A LIttle Bit of Charm you must answer the following question.
Would you ever give up your faith if your spouse/fiancé asked you to?
Rules: There must be at least ten qualifying comments for the drawing to take place. Drawing is open to U.S. addresses only. I will contact the winner Monday August 26th. You will have until September 1st to respond or forfeit the book. No other winner will be drawn. Void where prohibited by law.
Mary Ellis low res full

Mary Ellis grew up near the Amish and fell in love with them. She has now written nine bestselling novels set in their communities. When not writing, she enjoys gardening, bicycling, and swimming. Before “retiring” to write full-time, Mary taught school and worked as a sales rep for Hershey Chocolate. Living in Harmony, book one of her current series won the 2012 Lime Award for Excellence in Amish Fiction. Her debut Christian book, A Widow’s Hope, was a finalist for the 2010 ACFW Carol Awards. Her current release, Love Comes to Paradise has been nominated for a 2013 Lime Award from The Christian Manifesto. She can be found on the web at: www.maryellis.net

blog: www.maryeellis.wordpress.com



47 thoughts on “A Little Bit of charm

    1. Sherril Rundle

      I could not give up my faith, I know God has someone for everyone in his plans and he puts that person in your life, it is up to you to recognize what he has presented to you.

      1. Mary Ellis

        ahhh, Sherril, good hearing from someone who listened to Pastor Bob’s sermons for years! thanks for replying.

  1. Lisa

    I would have a hard time giving up my faith and I doubt that I would choose a man who would expect me to, but for family harmony and raising children I would if it was that important to my husband.

  2. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    No, I would never give up my faith in GOD. GOD is #1 in my life. Tho, everyone has to ask forgiveness from time to time for none are perfect. That is why we really shouldn’t date unbelievers. The Bible says to not be unequally yoked. For this can cause much trouble in a marriage. I have known people who go to different churches tho. I sure would love to win Mary’s book. Thanks for this give-away. MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

  3. Emma

    No I would not give up my faith. A LIttle Bit of Charm sounds wonderful.. Please enter me in contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win.Have a great week.

  4. Maryann

    No I would not give up my faith. I think a couple should be equally yoked and I know we will share that with our children. I also believe in Jesus, Others (and yes,that includes your spouse) and then Yourself. I met my husband in church. I would love to read this book.

  5. Barbara Thompson

    No, I would never give up my faith for anyone!!! My faith in God is the most important thing to me. I love Mary Ellis. Would love to win her book. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a giveaway.

  6. Maria Kulscar

    No. He would have to love me enough to accept my beliefs and respect them just as I would respect his. Many of my friends are married to people of a different faith and they each enjoy the others traditions.

    Maria Kulscar

    1. Mary Ellis

      That’s a good reply. If you were married to someone of another faith, you could still maintain your own at 100 percent while being respectful on the other’s traditions.

  7. Brittany McEuen

    No, I would not give up my faith for anyone. Thanks for the chance to win one of Mary’s books. I have read the first two in the series and they were great.

  8. Wendy Newcomb

    No I wouldn’t, but I would continue to pray that my spouse (or other family member) would find their way to the Lord, and probably call in some support with an unspoken prayer request.


  9. sonja1971

    I guess I am going along with the others, No, I, too, would pray for my spouse to find the Savior. I couldn’t live without knowing that the Savior was by my side during the good and the bad times. I couldn’t change my feelings for anyone.

  10. Bonnie

    Haven’t read any of your books, Mary, & would love to read this one. I love anything Amish, enjoy touring the Amish communities, & I live near the thoroughbred stables & the home of the Ky. Derby.
    When I was young & not following the Lord’s plan for my life – I married a man of a different faith, the marriage didn’t work out. I would never allow that to happen again – true happiness comes in following the Lord.

  11. Patty H

    No, I would not give up my faith… that being said there are certainly denominational differences that could be worked around.

  12. Jo

    No, I definitely wouldn’t give up my faith. That is too important to me. I’ve been very blessed that my husband and I have always walked the same walk and been there for one another.


  13. Lisa Stifler

    I would never give up my faith for anyone else.Not even my husband but thankfully I am blessed that my husband and I both Christians!

  14. Melody Durant

    Now that’s a loaded question. I’m going to define ‘faith’ as something that is in my heart once I’ve received Jesus as my Savior. Despite my spouse’s request, I would always have my faith, it can’t be pulled from me. Maybe his idea of faith is not going to church. I better stop right now but fortunately I haven’t had to encounter that!

    missionwife AT hotmail DOT com

  15. mary ellen ashenfelder

    No, I would not give up my faith. It is who I am. My hubbub & I have different beliefs but we both love and believe in the same God.


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