Costly Distractions

roberts 257

While at the mall, I went into the restroom where a woman stood beside a stroller and was playing on her phone. I proceeded into a stall and closed the door. Seconds later a child’s voice whispered loudly “crawl under and lock all the doors”. Let’s just say, I finished up fast. But before I left the restroom the mother finally noticed her children were crawling on the floor in the stalls. She told them to stop and faster than Mom could move they locked the last stall. Guess which side of the doors the kids were on? Before I left, the mother was also on her hands and knees crawling on the floor trying to get to her children.

Oh my! I immediately thought, I have to share this on my blog. :). Besides the obvious lesson to pay attention to your children, or be present in both body and mind, or avoid distractions when in public with your children . . . I thought there has to be a spiritual lesson here.

In our zeal for something, do we become distracted and end up crawling on the proverbial floor when God is there with open arms saying come here, let me help, or I have something so much better for you. Or maybe the lesson could be God loves us so much He would even crawl on a disgusting floor to help take care of us.

Just something to think about. I hope you all have a blessed week.


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