Where is Your Focus?

2012-08-05 10.00.10

Psalm 16:8

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it very difficult to keep my eyes on the Lord all the time, or rather keep my focus on Him without ceasing. Too often my thoughts stray to worry or what if. But what would happen if I did keep Him front and center in my heart and mind? What would happen if when something comes at me that shakes me, I give it to Him, rather than stressing it and trying to figure it out for myself?

These questions are rhetorical since I know what would happen. My stress level would be low and I’d be able to face daily challenges without worry. I know that the Lord is my rock and the He is always there for me. The problem is I like to do things on my own and I sometimes forget to hand things over to Him.

I hope along with me you will try and remember that the Lord wants us to keep our focus on Him, and that when we do, even the trials don’t seem quite so difficult.


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