Waiting for Spring

WaitingforSpring(1) Today we welcome Amanda Cabot to tell us about her novel Waiting for Spring. I am so excited to have Amanda here! I’ve been admiring her cover since it came out. I love that blue dress! 

Amanda please tell us about Waiting for Spring.

My most recent release, Waiting for Spring, is the second in the Westward Winds trilogy. Like the other two books (2012’s Summer of Promise and With Autumn’s Return, which will be released in January 2014), the heroine is one of three sisters who finds love, adventure and a bit of danger in Wyoming. As for the specifics, since I have a terrible time telling a story in less than 100,000 words, why don’t I share the back cover copy with you?

“After the loss of her husband and the birth of her baby, Charlotte has had a long, hard year. But she can find no rest from the ghosts of the past and flees to Cheyenne to put the pieces of her life back together.

Wealthy cattle baron and political hopeful Barrett Landry must make a sensible match if he is to be elected senator of the soon-to-be state of Wyoming. He needs someone with connections. Someone without a past. Yet he can’t shake the feeling that Charlotte holds the key to his heart and his future.

Will Charlotte and Barrett find the courage to look love in the face? Or will their fears blot out any chance for happiness?”

This sounds like a great story. Do you have a favorite character in the story, if so who and why?

Oh, my. This is like asking a mother which of her children she prefers.  Of course I love them all.  Well, except for the villain, that is. If I had to pick a favorite other than the hero and heroine, it would be Miriam.  I had such fun creating her – a woman who was expected to follow her parents’ dictates but who finds her own path to independence and in doing so, discovers true love.

What inspired you to write Waiting for Spring?

I’ve been intrigued by Cheyenne’s history ever since I moved here, and when I learned that it was once the wealthiest city per capita on earth, I knew that I had to set at least one book in Cheyenne during that period. To me, the fascination was not just the wealth but the changes that were occurring: the bust of the cattle barons’ boom and the move toward statehood.  Mix in a widow with more than her share of secrets and a man determined to become a senator and you have the seeds for Waiting for Spring.

What do you have in the works and when will it release?

Publishing schedules being what they are, I’m working on my 2014 releases. I’m waiting for copy edits on With Autumn’s Return, the third of the Westward Winds trilogy. That’ll be a January 2014 book. In addition, I’m excited to announce that I’ll have a novella in Revell’s first novella collection, also due out next January. Each of the four stories in the collection is written by a different author, and each features a woman whose life is changed when she receives a letter.  Having read that, you won’t be surprised to know the title of the book will be Sincerely Yours.

My heroine is an heiress who needs to marry a man of her own social standing within two months or she’ll forfeit her inheritance. The special letter she receives leads her to a handsome carousel carver – obviously not the man her parents had in mind for her. But the carver has a secret. As a side note, I developed an incurable case of carousel fever in early 2000, so when I started thinking about this story, I knew my hero would be one of those incredibly talented men who turned chunks of wood into fabulous painted ponies.

I certainly understand the time lag in publishing. LOL I’ve already turned in a book that won’t release until then. You are the second writer to tell me how much they like carousel’s. We have an amazing carousel in my home town. All the animals are hand carved by local artisans.

For the final question we’d love to learn something more about you. Please tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise us.

I love to cook, but for the past six or so years, I’ve made only low-fat, low-cholesterol meals.  It’s been a challenge, adapting my favorite recipes to meet those requirements, but I’ve discovered that it’s possible to have tasty food that’s heart-healthy, and – yes – that includes chocolate desserts.

Thanks for joining us today, Amanda. I enjoyed learning more about you and Waiting for Spring.

Amanda Cabot(1)

From the time that she was seven, Amanda Cabot dreamed of becoming a published author, but it was only when she set herself the goal of selling a book by her thirtieth birthday that the dream came true.  A former director of Information Technology, Amanda has written everything from technical books and articles for IT professionals to mysteries for teenagers and romances for all ages.  She’s delighted to now be a fulltime writer of Christian historical romances.  Her Texas Dreams trilogy received critical acclaim, and Waiting for Spring, the second in her Westward Winds series, was released earlier this year.


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