My Refuge


Psalm 46:1

Just recently I had one of those days where nothing went right. I couldn’t speak right, hang onto things, see numbers for what they actually were, or think–no it wasn’t a medical condition, although it does sound like one.

The problem? I allowed myself to become overwhelmed. Once I realized the problem I took a step back and prayed and recited scripture in my mind. Guess what? It helped!

I have learned that when I get like this I need to stop and refocus on God. He is my refuge and strength. I can’t do what I do without Him. I need His calming presence in my life ALL the time.

I pray for the calming presence of God in your life and mine. May He be your refuge and strength. Your ever-present help in trouble. Amen


2 thoughts on “My Refuge

  1. JOYE

    Enjoyed reading the article.
    If I won, I would prefer a print book. I grew up reading that way and can’t get used to reading ebooks.


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