Hidden Dreams

hidden dreams I’m excited to have, Darlene Franklin,  a fellow Heartsong Presents writer with us today to share with us about her upcoming release Hidden Dreams. Welcome, Darlene! Please tell us what Hidden Dreams is about.


Her father’s been murdered, and now the mob’s after her, too. Leaving New York City behind is the only way to stay alive. Yet Mary Anne Lamont finds herself stuck in Maple Notch, Vermont, when her car crashes straight into Wallace Tuttle’s truck. Wallace and his family offer her warmth and welcome, no questions asked. But she doesn’t dare give them her real name-not without risking their safety too.

At first, Wallace chides himself for being distracted by the glamorous flapper. Mary Anne certainly doesn’t fit his image of a future wife. But underneath the bleached bob and big-city ways is a courageous, caring woman. When the danger she’s been running from draws close, Wallace must risk everything to prove his faith in Mary Anne, in God’s plan, and the dreams they’ve come to share.

Oh, this sounds good! What inspired the story?

Reader response to my first Vermont historical series, Maple Notch Brides, was strong, and Heartsong offered me a chance to write three more books about my beloved New England. This series from Heartsong, Maple Notch Dreams, follows the Tuttle family into the 20th century.

A historical timeline revealed that the worst natural disaster in Vermont history occurred in November 1927, when the Winooskia River flooded, causing 85 deaths and destroying 1,200 bridges.

Since a covered bridge played an important role in Maple Notch Dreams, I wanted to write about its destruction during the flood. History also notes the various purposes covered bridges served; since this story was set during the Prohibition Era, its capacity for hiding moonshine, or “bathtub gin,” came into play.

Vermont is a very “green” state, with a strong Audobon Society, so I made my hero a naturalist observing endangered birds. The general idea of a flapper on the run for winning money she wasn’t supposed to have come from, of all places, a movie about the 1920s.

Wow! What is next for you? Do you have anything in the works?

There are two more books in the Maple Notch Dreams series: Golden Dreams (September) and Madame Mayor (January 2014) I also wrote the novella anthology Calico Brides (June) and have a story in Texas Brides (May)

Excellent!  Now for a fun questions.:) Please tell us about your dream vacation. Where would you go and what would you do?

I might go to the Arizona desert and see if it helps my arthritis! I have a long list of places I would love to visit – Alaska, Hawaii, the British Isles, Australia, Norway – but San Diego, California tops the list. Or maybe San Francisco. California for sure. I have wanted to make it to the west coast for my entire life (born in New England).

LOL I’m a west coast girl and have never been to the east coast. San Diego is great. I’ve been to all the US locations you named, but I have to say, I’ve enjoyed Alaska the most.

Darlene has offered to give away one copy of Hidden Dreams to a lucky commenter. To be entered into the drawing you must answer this question.

What famous bridges have you visited and do you have any special stories involving bridges? If you’ve never visited a famous bridge go ahead and mention that and I’ll count it. 🙂

Rules: There must be ten qualifying comments for the drawing to take place. You must answer the question–please enter me will not get you entered. You must have a USA address. Void where prohibited by law.

Darlene loves music, needlework, reading, and reality TV. She has published several titles with Barbour Publishing, including her two latest releases, A Bride’s Rogue in Roma, Texas, and Merry Christmas, With Love, in Postmark: Christmas. She has also written two books in the Texas Trails series with RiverNorth Fiction, Lone Star Trail and A Ranger’s Trail. She’s a member of Oklahoma City Christian Fiction Writers.

You can find Darlene online at http://darlenefranklinwrites.blogspot.com/, http://mydailynibble.blogspot.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/darlene.franklin.3 You may also be interested in my Facebook page, Darlene’s 5 Questions a Day (https://www.facebook.com/groups/542991419047696/?bookmark_t=group) where I will answer the first five questions related to the writing life posed on any given day. Group members are also welcome to contribute.

I have a novella coming out in Texas Brides, Angel in Disguise. Here is a bit about that anthology:

Back cover blurb:

Enjoy the rich history of Texas penned by an exclusive selection of Christian fiction authors—including DiAnn Mills and Kathleen Y’Barbo. This collection of nine romances brings together the lawful, the lawless, and the lonely in the Lone Star State. Watch as three Texas Rangers turn from chasing outlaws to courting women who are determined to remain independent. Experience the trials six outlaws have as they turn into respectable citizens and seek to settle down with a spouse to love.


21 thoughts on “Hidden Dreams

  1. Merry

    As a girl, I loved the Golden Gate Bridge, it was a sign that our summer vacation was beginning. I also have an awesome memory of being on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC watching fireworks on the 4th of July.
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  2. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    I’ve never been to a famous bridge. There were two when I lived in Elgin, Ks, tho that were long and narror and when my girls would come vist, they hated to drive across. Once when two were visiting, we were driving into the next town(not big) where we went for PO, gro,. etc. The younger was driving. When we were crossing the bridge, the older looked out the window and being scared that we were to close to the edge hollered and almost made us have a wreck. I drove across them all of the time, but hate these large freeways in Houston, Tx. I would love to enter for this book. Maxie mac262(at0me(dot)com

    1. Darlene Franklin

      Merry and Maxie, I love the bridge stories! I have crossed the world’s longest bridge (I think) on the west cost of Florida. One of my favorite bridge memories is crossing the gorge at Royal Gorge State Park in Colorado.

  3. ELIZA Elliot

    I’ve been across the Brooklyn bridge and there was no special story with it but it is cool to see it in the movies and know I’ve been there. =) truckredford(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. carolee888

    I have been across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so beautiful it took my breath away. We turned around and went across again! Also saw the Brooklyn Bridge from afar. I grew up in Indiana and we loved to go see the covered bridges in southern part of the state.They always pull at my heart. They make me think of all the people long ago who walked or rode with buggies in the past.

  5. Beth C

    I have never been to a famous bridge but I want to go the Golden Gate Bridge! It looks so beautiful in pictures.

  6. Janet Estridge

    I have walked across the world’s longest covered bridge, which is in Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada.

  7. Rose Milligan

    I actually can’t remember where we were, but while my family was on a trip we drove over a really high bridge that felt like it swayed when driving over it. My Aunt June is terrified of heights so she got out of her seat and sat in the middle of the van. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  8. Linda Greer

    On a vacation to Anacortes, WA and Whidbey Island we crossed the Deception Pass Bridge. It crosses between Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island up on Puget Sound and is in such a beautiful location! i remember taking pictures to capture how great it looked!

  9. Kimberly

    It’s so much fun reading all these bridge stories, I had to add mine. 🙂
    When my oldest was just a baby my husband had a thing he had to attend on the Oregon coast for a couple of days. My son wouldn’t stop crying so I put him in the car and just started driving. We ended up in Newport and I came to the tallest bridge I’d ever driven over. I was terrified. It’s called the Yaquina Bay Bridge. I wasn’t sure I could keep driving, then a police officer headed my way from the other side and I calmed down. The exact same thing happened when I eventually turned around to head back. God must’ve known I needed to see that cop.
    Famous bridge–I first saw the Golden Gate bridge when I was a little girl, and I couldn’t understand why it was called that since it wasn’t gold.:)

  10. Laura

    Years ago, pre children, my husband and I drove through San Francisco and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a little unnerving as it was constantly shaking. A lot like a mild earthquake. Pretty fabulous view.

  11. Miralee Ferrell

    Hmm….does sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge count? We bought our sailboat in Oakland, CA, and took her out into the harbor and under the bridge. What a fantastic view from the water looking up!

    I really enjoyed your interview, Darlene and your book sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Diana Montgomery

    I really can’t remember names to well but know I have been. I have to tell you they was a very big fear of mine I use to hold my breath until we got to the other side. I had bad dreams that is how I die. I go over a bridge. What a neat book sounds really good.


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