Be Still

029 Psalm 46:10

This isn’t the devotion I had originally planned for this morning, but while laying in bed talking myself into getting up, I couldn’t get the verse out of my mind. Recently I had the most amazing experience while being still with God. I had just finished my bible reading and prayer time when it hit me, not for the first time, that communication is two way.

I was alone in the house, so absolute silence reigned. I closed my eyes and told God it was His turn. I stilled my thoughts and sat quietly. Suddenly He spoke to me. No, it was in an audible voice, but I knew He had spoken.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m in the presence of God I become overwhelmed and always cry. The same thing happened this time. Unfortunately I was so overwhelmed that He had actually communicated with me that I lost my focus. There is something amazing about being still in God’s presence and I need to be still before Him more often.

As we prepared to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection, I hope you will take time to be still with Him and listen for His quiet voice.


2 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. JaniceG

    Thank you for the reminder to “be still.” I love all the activities during this special season, but He does desire our individual commited time when He has us all alone with Him, focused solely on Him and what He might want to say to us alone.

    Easter blessings in the community and within individual hearts!



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