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Be Still

029 Psalm 46:10

This isn’t the devotion I had originally planned for this morning, but while laying in bed talking myself into getting up, I couldn’t get the verse out of my mind. Recently I had the most amazing experience while being still with God. I had just finished my bible reading and prayer time when it hit me, not for the first time, that communication is two way.

I was alone in the house, so absolute silence reigned. I closed my eyes and told God it was His turn. I stilled my thoughts and sat quietly. Suddenly He spoke to me. No, it was in an audible voice, but I knew He had spoken.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m in the presence of God I become overwhelmed and always cry. The same thing happened this time. Unfortunately I was so overwhelmed that He had actually communicated with me that I lost my focus. There is something amazing about being still in God’s presence and I need to be still before Him more often.

As we prepared to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection, I hope you will take time to be still with Him and listen for His quiet voice.


The Heart Stone

TheHeartStone cover(1) I’m so pleased to have my friend and former critique partner Sherry Kyle join us this week, but before I get to that, the winner of last weeks drawing is Janice G. Congratulations!

Welcome Sherry. Please tell us about The Heart Stone.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Kimberly!

I’m so excited for The Heart Stone to be released on April 1, 2013. My novel is a contemporary romance about a single mother running from the unwanted calls from her son’s biological father, and a widow’s search for her first love. A heart-shaped diamond ring binds their stories together. You can see a book trailer here:

Since I critiqued this book, I’m quite familiar with the storyline. I like how Sherry incorporated two separate romances into The Heart Stone, yet both storylines blend seamlessly together.

What inspired The Heart Stone?

I love to write stories where a character searches for someone (and in this case also runs from someone) and discovers something about herself along the way. I wondered what it would be like for two women who took different paths in life to find true love. The diamond ring means different things to these two women. One wears it out of fear, and the other wishes she never gave it back.

What is next for you, Sherry?

I also write books for tween girls. The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room is the next book in the Girl’s Guide series from Legacy Press. Girls will discover how they can have an inner makeover while redoing their room. The book is filled with fun stories, activities, and crafts that will help connect them to God’s Word.

I bought a copy of your Girl’s Guide to Style for my niece, and she loved it. She will be excited to learn about your room book.

Thanks for offering to give away a copy of your debut novel, Sherry. Please tell us a little about Delivered With Love.

Delivered with Love is dear to my heart! It’s about a young woman who discovers an old love letter in the glove compartment of her late mother’s VW Bug. Her search for the writer of the letter leads her on an unexpected journey that changes her heart forever.

You can see a book trailer here:

In case anyone is wondering, both of Sherry’s books are stand alones. If you would like a change to win Delivered With Love please answer the following question:

Have you ever written to an author, and if so, how did you connect with them?  (E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or ?)

I’d love to connect with you online. You can find me at

Thanks, Kimberly!

Rules: You must answer the question to be entered. Drawing is only open to USA addresses. There must be at least ten qualifying comments for the drawing to take place. Void where prohibited by law.

Sherry Kyle photo #2(1)Sherry is a graduate of Biola University with a degree in Communications, and a minor in Bible. Her book for tween girls titled The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style is a winner of a Gold Mom’s Choice Award. Delivered with Love released from Abingdon Press in 2011 and is set in the quaint beach town of Capitola, CA. Sherry and her husband have four children, three biological and one by adoption. When she’s not writing, she enjoy reading, watching movies, going to jazz concerts with her husband, and spending time with my family and friends. She live on the coast in central California. You can find me on the web at:

Follow Your Passion

Anyone who knows me can tell that one of my passions is writing. I love it! I enjoy the creative process, I like talking shop, and I like spending several hours a day writing. Basically I simply love everything about writing–except maybe editing. 🙂

This past weekend I was fortunate to attend a one-day writers conference. I don’t know about anyone else, but being around people with same passion as me is inspiring. I hesitated going, but am very glad I made the decision to attend.

While there I took a class on writing short. The focus was on devotionals. My plan is to post a few here in the near future.

I believe everyone should have a passion–something that would be life altering if it wasn’t a part of their life. What is your passion? What do you do to help you pursue that passion?

Letters of Love

Letters of Love cover

Today I am pleased to welcome Joi Copeland. She will be sharing with us about her book Letters of Love.
Before we begin the answer to last weeks question was Bison. The winner of the drawing is Marianne.

Joi please tell us about Letters of Love.

Two men fighting for their country.
Two women dealing with tragedy alone.
Two different stories, two different eras, one common thread.
Sophia Philips, a wife and mom, finds herself missing the two most important people in her life. One ripped from her because of war, the other by death.
Sophia’s grandmother, Lucia Snell, gives her an early inheritance; letters written to her by her husband while stationed in China during World War II. Lucia believes these letters will help her granddaughter heal from the heart-wrenching tragedy she faces.
Will Sophia carry the anger, bitterness, and guilt within her or go to the only One who can heal her from the pain? Will she find the strength to carry on and the will to survive through her grandparents’ Letters of Love?

Did anything in particular inspire this book?

My inspiration for this book was my grandparents. My grandfather wrote the actual letters in this book to my grandma when he was stationed in Ceylon and China during WWII.

Do you have plans for a sequel or is this a stand alone book?

This is a stand alone novel.
What is next for you? Do you have any other releases scheduled, are you working on something new?
This is a stand alone novel. I do have another book, Hope from the Past, coming out. It’s the third in my Hope Trilogy. I’m currently working on Sunshine in Spring which is about Camden from Christmas Rayne.
That’s exciting! It sounds like you are keeping busy.:)
I always like to include one fun question to help the readers get to know you a bit. If you could visit any place in the entire world where would you go?
Right now, I’d go to England. I have a novel that is going to be England and the U.S.
Is this the novel you mentioned or a different one and what is it called?
No. It isn’t the novel I mentioned. This is a different one. I don’t have a title for it yet. I haven’t started writing it. That’s down the road a bit.:)
How fun! Hopefully you will get to visit. Thanks for joining us today, Joi.
Thank you so much for having me! It was a pleasure!
Joi has offered to give away one copy to a lucky commenter. You must answer the following question to be entered.
Have you ever had a letter that changed your life? Or have you ever written a letter that possibly changed the life of someone else? If you feel comfortable, please share.
Rules for drawing: You must answer the question for your comment to be entered into the drawing. There must be at least ten qualifying comments for the drawing to take place. Void where prohibited by law. Drawing only open to USA addresses.
DSC_0641(1)Joi Copeland is married to a wonderful man, Chris, and has three amazing boys, Garrison, Gage, and Gavin. She is living the dream in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Joi loves being a wife and mom! She enjoys spending time with her sister Steffanne, and loves to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea with friends! She’s been a Christian for over twenty years. Following Jesus has been the best decision she has ever made. Joi’s other books are Hope for Tomorrow, Hope for the Journey, Christmas Rayne, and Sheriff Bride Rob’s Story.

Winds of Wyoming

RCLyles Cover

Today we get to learn about Winds of Wyoming, but before we do, last weeks winner for the drawing was Nancee. Congratulations! 

Welcome Rebecca. Please tell us about Winds of Wyoming.

Fresh out of a Pennsylvania penitentiary armed with a marketing degree, Kate Neilson heads to Wyoming anticipating an anonymous new beginning as a guest-ranch employee. A typical twenty-five-year-old woman might be looking to lasso a cowboy, but her only desire is to get on with life on the outside—despite her growing interest in the ranch owner. When she discovers a violent ex-lover followed her west, she fears the past she hoped to hide will trail as close as a shadow and imprison her once again.

What inspired this story?

I’ve experienced the heartache (and the joy!) of walking alongside hurting individuals through prison and post-prison ministry. Women behind bars are daughters and sisters and wives and mothers who care deeply for their families and friends and who feel the pain of empty arms when they’re separated from their loved ones. They long for wholeness and oftentimes struggle with low self-esteem as well as recovery from addictions or abusive relationships.

Despite the thrill of freedom when they’re finally released from prison, life on the outside can be difficult for ex-offenders. If they don’t quickly find a healthy support system, they can slide back into sin. Landing a job is tough for them as is figuring out where they fit in society, which includes the question of whether or not they’ll be accepted in churches.

To highlight the challenges former inmates face, I created an ex-offender heroine who starts her life anew in a totally different environment, a heroine whose past refuses to release her. Plus, I added a great group of supporting characters to help her walk in the Light day by difficult day.

What do you consider to be the take away from this book?

One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 15:13 – “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace . . .” Hope is a key theme in the book, as are transparency and forgiveness.

That’s a great verse. Thanks for sharing.  I’ve enjoyed learning about Wind’s of Wyoming. Now I’d like to find out a little about you. What do you like to do in your free time?

In addition to reading a good book, fiction or nonfiction, and cooking from scratch, I enjoy being outdoors. I like to walk, hike, bike, camp, snowshoe, cross-country ski and garden.

Sounds like you know how to have fun. What is next for you? Do you have anything in the works?

I just finished “Winds of Freedom,” the sequel to “Winds of Wyoming” (big sigh of relief—the edits were tough!) and sent copies off to several proofreaders. After I’ve inputted their suggestions, then the manuscript heads for the publisher and a spring release. Here’s a blurb:

Four women fight for freedom and wholeness—for themselves and each other. Kate Neilson’s own loss and heartache during a long cold winter take a backseat to the needs of her failing great-aunt plus those of her mother-in-law and her best friend, who’ve both been ensnared by evil.

Thanks for sharing with us today, Rebecca, and for graciously offering to give away one Ebook to a lucky commenter. To be entered you must answer the question below. Good luck! The winner will be announced on Monday March 18th. Void where prohibited by law.

What is the correct name for the big, dark, humped bovines featured in Zane Grey’s “The Thundering Herd” (and in the Winds novels) and these days most commonly found in Yellowstone National Park?


Rebecca Carey Lyles is a freelance writer and editor whose articles and stories have appeared in magazines and compilations. In addition to her novels, she’s also written two nonfiction books, “It’s a God Thing! Inspiring Stories of Life-Changing Friendships” and “On a Wing and a Prayer: Stories from Freedom Fellowship, a Prison Ministry.” She and her husband, Steve, live in beautiful Boise, Idaho. Website: Email: Facebook: Rebecca Carey Lyles Twitter: @BeckyLyles Blog:

What do You Think?

It has been a couple of weeks since I began posting author interviews on Mondays. I’m curious what my regular followers think of this change. Do you like it? If not what would you like to see? As per usual my Thursday posts are random and I’m open to ideas of what you would like to read about.

This coming Monday’s post will be an interview with author Rebecca Carey Lyles. She will offer an Ebook giveaway of her book Winds of Wyoming. Be sure to check back next week and leave a comment to be entered to win. It’s not too late to enter this weeks drawing. Simply answer JoAnn Durgin’s question on Monday post. If you’ve never read JoAnn’s books then you are missing out! I seriously LOVE Daydreams.

Finally, I so appreciate all of you who take the time read Kimberly’s musings and leave comments. Yes, I read each and every one. 🙂 Please help me make this the best blog it can be. Leave a comment to the post telling me your idea. Thanks everyone!


perf6.000x9.000.indd I‘m so pleased to have you here today, JoAnn. I’m looking forward to learning about Daydreams. To start off please tell us about your book.

Daydreams is a contemporary Christian romantic adventure and the fourth in my Lewis Legacy Series following Awakening, Second Time Around and Twin Hearts. Although it’s the fourth book, it can definitely be read as a standalone novel. I drop enough backstory here and there so the reader can pick right up and join in the fun. This one is a personal favorite; I adore witty bantering between a heroine and her hero, and Daydreams contains some of the snappiest dialogue I’ve written to-date. These books center on a group of volunteers in TeamWork, a Christian missions organization. Each book focuses on one or more of the TeamWork volunteers as they navigate life and love with guidance from mentors Sam and Lexa Lewis, my core characters. While fun and lighthearted in many respects, as in all my books, Daydreams has underlying themes of redemption, grace and forgiveness. Daydreams belongs to TeamWork member Amy Jacobsen. Here’s a little more about it:
What the eyes conceal, the heart reveals. It’s early December 2002, and Amy Jacobsen is living the dream: a job she loves with a trendy New York City magazine, a Manhattan walk-up inherited from her grandfather, and a busy social life without the unwanted complication of a steady boyfriend. During dinner one evening with her brother, Mitch, she spies Landon Warnick the next table over. He’s influential, successful and one of the youngest magazine publishers in the country—not to mention one of New York’s most eligible bachelors. After Mitch wrangles a meeting between the two, Landon wastes little time in asking her to dinner. Amy questions her sanity when they share a cozy carriage ride in Central Park and she comes this close to kissing him. Is it the joy and wonder of the Christmas season that’s put stars in her eyes or the enigmatic, intelligent, challenging and incredibly handsome man?

The following weekend, she travels to Louisiana to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and a reunion with her friends and fellow volunteers in TeamWork Missions. Headed down the aisle in the wedding, Amy’s steps falter. Standing at the front is a groomsman who flew into town only an hour before. . . She does a double take. What’s Landon Warnick doing in her world, with her friends? Perhaps more important, why does he suddenly have a Texas drawl and a crescent-shaped scar on his forehead? Sharing a romantic dance at the reception, she casts aside her better judgment and kisses him. She’s lost her mind and her heart might not be far behind, it seems. Let the adventure begin! Is the Lord showing her the “right” man for her heart or is Amy in way over her head?

Oh my goodness that sounds like a good story–one that I must read.:) What inspired the story?

It’s the natural progression in the lives of the various volunteers in TeamWork. Amy has been in the series since the beginning, and it’s her turn to shine. She’s matured quite a bit in the five years since Awakening and grown into a lovely, strong, independent woman. A junior editor at a trendy magazine in New York, she meets her match in magazine publisher Landon Warnick. You’ll notice the Daydreams book cover features a magazine with its pages curled into the shape of a heart. With a journalism background, I particularly enjoyed writing about the NYC publishing world. In a way, Amy is living my dream. I put a bit of myself in every book, whether it’s in character traits, places or experiences.

How long did it take you to write Daydreams? Did you have to do any special research?

I actually wrote the basic story a couple of years ago, a time when I had a lot more energy. As a matter of fact, I wrote the entire series (except for Awakening, which I wrote in less than two weeks but then waited more than a decade to get it published) in a span of less than two years, and let’s just say it’s a long series. Now I spend a lot of time editing. The Lord knew.

I must interrupt, as I’m intrigued. How many books are in the series?

There are eleven books in total.

Wow. You were one busy writer! Okay, sorry for the interruption. Back to my research question.

As far as research for Daydreams, after attending the ACFW conference in Dallas this past September, my husband and I more or less traced the places where Amy travels in Daydreams, including stops in Baton Rouge (where Amy is a bridesmaid in a TeamWork wedding from a couple in the third book, Twin Hearts). Then on to Houston via Austin. A significant portion of this book takes place in The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas, and I spent several hours there interviewing the concierge and touring the hotel. It’s absolutely fabulous! Of course, Jim and I went on to San Antonio (the setting of Awakening), and he jokingly referred to it as the Trail of Tears. I’ll openly admit to shedding a few tears while standing in front of The Alamo. Anyone who’s read Sam and Lexa’s story will understand.
When did you first start writing and is it something you have always wanted to do, or did you fall into it later?

I started writing full-length fiction as a young stay-at-home mom in the Philly area. It’s always been in the back of my mind to write, and I earned a journalism and English degree. Although those classes taught me writing basics, fiction writing is a whole different ballgame. I put my writing—but not the passion for it—on hold while serving as a pastor’s wife and going back to work, but then I pursued it again when we moved back to my native southern Indiana in late 2005. The Lord honored my faithfulness, and I received the contract for Awakening, my debut novel, on May 1, 2010—a day I’ll never forget. I am truly blessed!

That is a great! I love hearing how writers got started. Thanks for doing a book give away. JoAnn has offered to give away a choice of any of her four Lewis Legacy series books. However there must be at least ten comments for the drawing to take place. As per usual if you are a new follower you will receive a second entry. Don’t worry about telling me, since WordPress tells me about new follows.

Is there any question you would like commenter to answer to qualify for the give away?

Thank you, Kimberly! Here’s my question: Think about one of your favorite novels. What one aspect do you love the most about it (e.g., characters, plot or something else)?

Rules for drawing: You must answer the question for your comment to be entered into the drawing. Void where prohibited by law. Drawing only open to USA addresses.


JoAnn Durgin is the author of the popular Lewis Legacy Series (Torn Veil Books). The fourth book in the series, Daydreams, released in late 2012, as well as Meet Me under the Mistletoe, a 2012 Christmas novella (Pelican Group Ventures/White Rose Publishing). She also has a short story, Please, published in I Choose You, a romance anthology (OakTara Publishers). JoAnn lives with her husband, Jim, and their three children in her native southern Indiana. She’s an estate administration paralegal in a Louisville, Kentucky law firm. She’d love to hear from you via her website ( or at Author JoAnn Durgin on Facebook.