Guilt Free

2012-08-17 17.58.54Recently I listened to several stay-at-home moms of young children talk about the guilt they often feel because they are not in the workforce. They expressed feeling as if they always had to be doing something productive to justify staying at home with their children, to the point that even taking a break to read was too much. This broke my heart. People who have jobs get breaks and lunch breaks to do as they please, and believe me, staying at home with children, keeping the house clean, preparing meals, doing the carpool thing etc… is a job–just one that doesn’t pay monetarily.

To all you stay-at-home parents please listen. It is okay to take a break. No one expects you (or at least no one should) to work from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed and often during the middle of the night too. That is asking too much of any one person. Take a break when your child is sleeping to read for a short time, or catch a power nap. You will be happier and everyone around you will be too because you will be in a better place.

Finally, to all of you who think less or yourself or feel guilt for staying a home with your child–STOP. Child care is expensive, so are housekeepers and paying people in general to do the job you do. I imagine if you were to total the cost of paying someone to do all that you do, you’d have to have a very high paying job to afford you.:) Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy this time in your life. Stop feeling guilty for being a parent and don’t let anyone else make you feel like less of a person for the choice you made.

I imagine the parents who need to read this are too busy to notice it, so feel free to share with your stay-at-home friends who could use some encouragement.

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