Detection Mission

Detection-Mission-189x300 Detection Mission by Margaret Daley is the latest addition to the Texas K-9 Unit series. Below is the back cover copy.

Who is she?

While looking for a missing child in Sagebrush, Texas, K-9 detective Lee Calloway and his border-collie partner find someone else. A mystery woman running for her life, scared and injured. But she has no idea who she is—or why someone is after her. Lee’s unit suspects “Heidi” is a criminal who knows more than she’s saying, yet his gut instinct says she’s innocent. Lee vows to protect her until her memory returns, but now someone is desperate to ensure that never happens.

I find myself in unfamiliar territory. I’m actually reading three books at the same time and have not finished one! I have lots of excuses, but none of them matter. I haven’t read Detection Mission, but have always enjoyed Margaret’s romantic suspense novels, so I feel very comfortable suggesting it’s worth reading.


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