Waiting For A View (A Bloomfield Novel)

8283338Waiting For A View by Debby Mayne is the first book in the Bloomfield series. After reading this one I’m looking forward to reading the entire series. Bloomfield is a small town filled with eccentric characters. To me the book was a feel good story about a community of people who care for one another.

Sherry Butler is stuck in time living in her childhood home that has seen better days, wearing “sensible” clothes and working in the same card shop since high school. Sherry is insecure thanks to her dad’s reputation as the town drunk, but with the help of Naomi she is working at making a few changes.

Brad Henderson has loved Sherry for years, but she was either taken or not interested. Now that they are working on a community project together he takes a chance and asks her out.

Waiting For a View isn’t a category romance, but nonetheless there was enough romance to satisfy me. You can view a fantastic summary of this book at Debby’s site http://debbymayne.com/


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