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Last week I shared with you about my husband being admitted to the hospital. This week I have a praise to report. His pic line was removed a week early! He is almost at 100% and not expecting to need further treatment. This is a huge turnaround from what the doctor originally said. To all of you who prayed for him, thanks!

I searched out a few verses that I think are fitting. I hope they speak to you as they did to me.

2 Chronicles 20:21

Ephesians 4:17-19

I know we are all at different stages and if you are facing something bad I hope these verses encourage you. Feel free to leave a scripture in the comment box that has helped or encouraged you.


Secretly Smitten

687137_w185Secretly Smitten delivers four entertaining contemporary romance novellas.

I’ve been busier than usual this past week and have only had time to read the first two stories in this book and part of the third, but thoroughly enjoyed each of them. In Secretly Smitten we get to see the original Smitten casts cousins: Tess, Clare, Zoe, and their mother Anna find love. There is also a mystery that begins in the fist story involving their grandma Rose and some dog tags. In each story the girls get a little closer to solving the mystery of the dog tags.

Normally I would give you a summary of each book, but since I’ve only completely read the first two I will summarize those.

In book one we meet the owner of the toy shop, Tess Thomas. When dog tags belonging to Grandma Roses first love are found in the attic, Tess determines to find out why they are in her attic. Her first course of action is to search the attic of the man’s childhood home, which is now owned by widower, Ryan Stevenson.

Book two highlights the youngest of the girls, Zoe. She is known for switching jobs frequently and never going to college. Zoe has an idea to start a dating service. She will hold events for singles to mingle and get to know one another. Her family thinks she will fail, but they all pitch in to help her succeed anyway.

It looks like she will be ready to open her storefront business in time for the first scheduled mixer until William Singer, the new city manager, warns her that the shop isn’t up to code. Zoe ignores his warning and proceeds to plan the mixer.

I don’t want to tell you too much about either of these stories because I don’t want to spoil them for you. They are both fun reads and I can’t wait for a little free time to be able to finish the next two stories in Secretly Smitten.


2012-12-31 21.17.57It’s been a crazy week in my household. On Sunday my husband was admitted to the hospital. Thankfully he was able to come home the following day and is being treated as an outpatient. Before my trip to the hospital on Monday I was reading my Bible and saw this verse. It spoke to me, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Romans 12:12 NIV Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Fitting words for a challenging time. If you are going through a rough patch, I hope this verse speaks to you.


ShatteredSMSubmerged by Dani Pettrey is classified as a romantic suspense, but it doesn’t have the same feel as  from this genre. It’s a little more easy going and focuses more on the relationships of the characters rather than imminent danger. That being said, I liked it.:) I don’t need heart-racing-suspense all the time.

Baily is called back to Alaska after her beloved aunt is killed in a plane crash. The idea of returning to the small town where she has a reputation as a party girl terrifies her, but Agnes raised her and loved her unconditionally and she will honor her aunt.

She returns to town ready to tie up Agnes’ loose ends then leave and head back to Oregon, but because of her knowledge of Russian history she sticks around to help solve the murder mystery.

Cole McKenna owns and operates the dive shop along with his siblings. When a plane crashes in the ocean he is called in to help with the rescue. He works with the police whenever the need arises.

Cole has always cared for Baily and when he sees her at Agnes’ funeral he reaches out to her. She shuts him down cold.

In addition to Cole and Baily there is another point of view character–Landon, a family friend and police officer. Landon plays a supporting role in this book, but I expect to see him star in one of the next books in the series.

I won’t tell you anymore and rest assured everything here is in the first chapter, so I didn’t spoil the story for you.

Like I mentioned above I liked Submerged. It took me a while to read it, but I tend to read ebooks slower than paper. Not sure why, but they typically take me much longer to get through. If you enjoy Dee Henderson’s style of romantic suspense, I believe Submerged would appeal to you.

The Sympathetic Seagull

2012-12-31 21.34.26On a recent trip I spotted this one legged seagull. I’d never seen a one legged seagull and was fascinated by how well it got around. After allowing me to snap a few pictures it flew off to a couple of other women and hopped around in front of them. Of course they too noticed it only had one leg. I pointed out the bird to my husband. He was skeptical and suggested it must have another leg tucked. I continued to watch the bird with fascination.

The women proceeded to throw bread to the bird and the next thing I knew it suddenly had two legs. That little stinker was faking in order to play off the sympathy of the women. My husband and I had a good laugh over this.

It’s hard to believe a bird could be this smart, but then I imagine it’s a learned survival skill.

I don’t have anything profound for you today, although I’m sure there are many analogies that can be drawn from this seagull.

Love Suite Love

2940015790528_p0_v1_s114x166Love Sweet Love by Coleen Coble is a romance novella that takes place at a resort in Hawaii. This book had me checking prices for a trip to the islands. Warm sunshine sounds amazing right now.:)

Barnabas Harrigan is married to the family business. He manages the resort, Harrigan’s Cove, and he is very good at it. He loves his job except for when rich snobby female women stay at the resort.

Wealthy, Liliana Van Cleef accompanies her grandmother to Harrigan’s Cove for some much needed R & R. However the resorts humble hales lacking television and phones are not what Liliana expects. She has stocks to watch and people to stay in contact with and is vocal about her displeasure.

When Liliana overhears Barnabas talking about her in a not so positive way she is crushed. He apologizes for hurting her, but he doesn’t take back his words. Liliana determines to win him over and in the process learns to loosen up and live a little.

If you are looking for a quick, entertaining and well written read then I highly recommend Love Sweet Love. This book appears to be available in ebook format only.


2012-12-31 21.36.04Do you ever wish life had a pause button? If you are anything like me your answer is yes. I can’t tell you how many times my mouth has gotten ahead of my brain. I think these sea lions have the right idea.:)

It’s funny, I had started this post last Saturday and got stuck, then Sunday morning in church my pastor stole my blog idea! If only I could write as eloquently as he spoke this would go viral. LOL But seriously, I had given up on this post until his sermon.

To me the gist of his sermon can be summed up with this verse, Psalms 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.” Yes, that’s what I need to do in those times my mouth runs ahead of my brain, or I jump into a project without thinking it through–pause reflect and refocus.

Maybe there really is a pause button after all, I just need to learn to use it.:)