It Really IS a Wonderful Life

It Really IS a Wonderful Life by Linda Wood Rondeau is a  contemporary Christmas romance set in Midville New York.

Widowed and the mother of two young children Dorie Fitzgerald is out of work, living in a new town and desperate for friends. She decides to audition at the local theater for It’s A Wonderful Life hoping to meet people.

Jamey Sullivan’s dream is to perform on Broadway and it looks like he is one step closer to realizing that dream when he scores a agent/manager who gets him an audition in New York City. The only problem is his dad needs him to run the family business, and the new woman in town has caught his attention.

I’m probably the only person in the United States who has never actually sat through the entire movie It’s a Wonderful Life, but from what I understand the characters in this story face choices much the same as the characters in the movie.

I enjoyed It Really IS a Wonderful Life and think it was a delightful Christmas read. It looks like it is only available on Amazon and the last time I checked it was free to borrow for Prime Members.


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