Believe in Yourself

What would happen if everyone believed in themselves? The results could be mind boggling. Can you imagine what accomplishments would be made?

How many of you have never tried something because you believed you’d fail? I think it’s safe to say everyone has done that at least once in their life. I changed my major in college from Elementary Education because I didn’t believe I could pass the entrance exam. Rather than try and fail I just gave up. Don’t feel bad for me. Years later I taught music in a private school for a year and was never so happy that I didn’t pursue that degree. I would have been miserable.

Today I’d like to challenge you to think about something you’d like to accomplish–something that you have avoided because you didn’t believe you would succeed. Remember to stay in the realm of reality. If you are tone deaf, don’t set a goal to sing the national anthem at the next game. But maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to cook–go for it–take some classes.

Remember you haven’t truly failed until you fail to try. Believe in yourself and go for it.

If you have ever accomplished something you were told couldn’t be done or maybe you had your doubts, I love to hear about it in the comment section. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to try something new or follow a dream they’ve always had.

Believe in yourself and go for it!

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