Random Kindness Challenge

I know we have all heard about random acts of kindness, but have you every participated?

I’ll admit I haven’t spent any time or effort thinking “hmm, what random act of kindness can I do today,” but I do them all the time. Kindness can be as simple as holding the door for the person behind you, or letting another car in front of you, or even allowing the person behind you at the checkout counter with only a couple items to go before you when your cart is full and there is no other checker.

Sometimes I think people are intimidated when they hear “random acts of kindness,” but I believe it can be as simple as a smile and a hello. You never know if a friendly face can change a bad day to a better one. Below is a short list of things anyone can do to improve the day of someone else.

1. Rather than honk the horn at the irritating driver who cut you off, or they completely ignore the fact that they must stop before pulling out of the school parking lot and into traffic, (ahem, happens everyday in my life since I live by several schools. I’m learning to not get so annoyed) you could simply adjust your speed and anticipate the action. If you avoid the horn when it’s not life or death, someone will have a better day than if you laid on it in anger.

2. A shoppers arms are full and the door needs to be pulled open–open the door for them.

3. Offer to pick up so and so’s kids if you’re going to be at the school anyway. Sure they may say no thank you, but that’s not your problem, you benefit from being kind because it will make you feel better.

4. Rather than ignore that person sitting to your right of left a simple hello and a smile might make their day.

I’m not suggesting going overboard. I believe in moderation. In fact I seriously hate it when the person in front of me at the Starbucks drive up pays for my drink. (Yes, I can be a Scrooge about some things. My apologies to those of you who love that kind of thing.) I’m suggesting more everyday, ordinary stuff–if you see someone that needs a little help–help.

What are some random acts of kindness that you’ve done had done for you that brightened your day or someone else?


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