Full Disclosure

Much anticipated, Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson was a good read, but not my favorite she’s ever written. Those of you who are familiar with Ms. Henderson’s other books be warned, this one is more of a romance rather than a romantic suspense, however there is a  mystery element. It took me forever to read because it’s 472 pages long and I’ve been busy. 🙂 For those of you who have read the O’Malley series there are a few surprises in this book.

FBI agent Paul Falcon solves murders and he’s good at it. However one murderer has alluded arrest, that is, until the Midwest Homicide Investigator Ann Silver dumps a  clue on his desk that reopens the cold case. Paul is fascinated with Ann’s story telling abilities and interested in the mysterious woman who has dropped into his life. Paul approaches romancing Ann the same way he would solve a murder, and Ann is the ultra introvert, but I found both characters likable.

I would love to tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. I own or have read every book Ms. Henderson has written and eagerly awaited the release of Full Disclosure. If you are a fan of Ms. Henderson’s as I am, I suspect you’ll enjoy her latest read.


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