Winter is Past

I just discovered Ruth Axtell Morren the author of Winter is Past, a historical romance set in London during the early 1800’s. This is her debut novel, but I saw on Amazon that she has written many since.

Althea was raised in privilege, but renounced her wealth and social position to serve God as a Mennonite ministering to the poor of London. However, when her brother talked her into interviewing for a nurse position for his good friend her life took a turn she never expected. She moved into the home of widower Simon Aguilar to attend to his sick daughter.

Simon, a rising star in Parliament, needed competent help so he could focus on his career. He doubted Althea’s nursing skills but hired her on a probationary basis anyway. She exceeded far beyond his expectations, and he began to see her as more than just his daughter’s nurse/governess.

Winter is Past is a beautiful story that I’d love to see on the small screen. It reminds me of Downton Abbey, but from a Christian world view.


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