Ricochet by Christy Barritt is a romantic suspense that in my opinion must be read in the daylight. Maybe I’m too easily scared, but I was very thankful for the long daylight hours we have right now and a house-full of people as I read this story, because if I’d been home alone at night I guarantee I’d have been too scared to sleep. That being said, I enjoyed this book.:)

Molly Hamilton flees a bad situation and lands in the midst of an even more harrowing situation when she returns to the same summer camp she’d attended as a high school student to be the camp nurse for the summer. She chose to go there because it is the last place she remembers being truly happy. But her happy place quickly turns into a nightmare.

Nick White inherited Hope Springs church camp from his grandfather, and after serving in the military as a Chaplin he is ready for a change of pace. He takes on the role as camp director when his cousin the old director disappears. A week later his old high school girl friend shows up and claims to have been hired to be the camp nurse. He keeps her on, but things at the camp are not right. Someone is trying to scare the staff and campers and the pranks are escalating.

Ricochet is a somewhat fast paced read with a good mix of romance and suspense.


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