Oregon Outback

Oregon Outback by Elizabeth Goddard is an entertaining collection of  four romance novellas. Each novella features one of the Love brothers.

In book one, A Love Remembered,  FBI agent Jonas Love returns home to Oregon. He doesn’t have a clue what is next for him in life, but wants to rekindle a love he once had. However the object of his affection isn’t sure she wants him back. Then trouble follows him endangering the woman he loves.

Book two, A Love Kindled is about a rancher whose cows have been stolen. Calvin is a prideful man and doesn’t like that the woman he loves is the local sheriff. He believes it’s too dangerous. The two are constantly at odds because of his negative attitude toward her chosen occupation. However when a hundred head of cattle go missing he is forced to enlist the Sheriff’s help.

In book three, A Love Risked, Lucas Love owns an ATV store. He is all about fun and isn’t interested in settling down. However, when Sierra answers his add of a book keeper things change. For the first time ever he cares about something other than having fun.

Book four, A Love Recovered, Justin Love heads to Oregon to find a fugitive. He’s been gone for three years and doesn’t want his brothers to know he is back. He stays at a lodge where is meets the fugitive’s sister. He has something in common with the fugitive, they are both running, but Justin in finished running and ready to face the past.

I enjoyed each of these stories, but without a doubt the last was my favorite. I wish I could say why, but I’m not sure what caused that one to be my favorite.  They all had a touch of suspense, but not over the top. If you are in the mood for a quick, light read then Oregon Outback is a good choice.


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