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Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of year. There is something about the scent in the air, changing leaves, and fall flowers that make me feel cozy. I tend to forget to take time out for fun, so in this post I’m going to list five things that are generally done in the fall. I’d love to see what you can add to the list.

1. Harvest decorations

2. Hay rides

3. Visit the local pumpkin patch

4. Harvest Festival

5. Oktoberfest–at least in my area they have one.

Bonus–I love to drink spiced apple cider, but only in the fall.

What do you do for fun in the fall?


A Mom’s New Start

Contemporary romance, A Mom’s New Start, by Margaret Daley hooked me on page one.

Maggie is helping her town put the pieces back together after a hurricane destroyed it nine months ago. Things seemed to be improving until her thirteen-year-old son starts showing signs of depression. She will do anything to help him, including enlisting the help of Cody, a counselor sent by a Christian aid service, to help the townspeople cope and deal with their feelings.

Through the process Maggie and Cody grow closer and Maggie discovers that Cody doesn’t have it all together like he appears to.

I will leave it at that because I don’t want to spoil the story for you. Last I checked A Mom’s New Start wasn’t available as an Ebook, but hopefully that will change soon. That being said it’s worth picking up in print.


When I first added this second weekly post I tackled the subject of busyness, but many people have the opposite problem. Are you someone who doesn’t know what to do now that the kids are back in school?

I thought I’d have this problem when my kids were young and going to school all day, but was amazed at how easily I filled my time. However if you are still wondering what to do with those six or so hours the kids are away here are a few ideas.

1. Join a club that explores your passion. For example  scrap booking, sewing, knitting, hiking, bicycling, rowing, cooking, gardening, or a book group.

2. Volunteer at your child’s school, or another organization.

3. Take time for you. Go ahead and get your hair and nails done. Pamper yourself. I’m not suggesting doing this all the time, but mom’s forget to take care of themselves and even feel guilty if they do something for themselves. Remember when you are happy and feel good everyone around you feels it.

4. Get together with friends for coffee. A healthy parent is a happy parent, and social interaction is important–even for introverts like me.:)

5. Catch up on all that cleaning you’ve been putting off.

6. Find a new hobby. Learn to do something you’ve always wanted to try.

I know there are many other things that can fill those hours between eight and three. For those of you who are stay-at-home mom’s, how do you fill your day?

Sandwich With a Side of Romance

Debut novelist, Krista Phillips, hit a home run with her contemporary romance, Sandwich With a Side of Romance. I cried, I laughed, and I couldn’t put it down. Please note it was just my tender heart that made me cry, it’s not a tear jerker.

Maddie Buckner has the ultimate bad day when she is fired on her first day cutting hair. She blames Reuben for her firing, since she wouldn’t have cut a chunk out of his hair if he hadn’t nodded off. Maddie is driven to succeed because she wants custody of her eleven-year-old brother who is in foster care and convinces Reuben that he owes her for getting her fired. He ends up hiring her to be a waitress in his sandwich shop. Turns out she stinks as a waitress, but she makes an excellent office assistant.

I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll leave it at that. Sandwich With a Side of Romance kept me glued to the pages. I read half the book in one sitting, and it’s not a short book!

Special thanks to Abingdon Press for the review copy.  I can honestly say I loved it. As you regular readers know I don’t gush unless I seriously enjoyed a book, and I only review books I liked.  I highly recommend Sandwich With a Side of Romance. You can visit Krista’s site at

Happy reading!


Ricochet by Christy Barritt is a romantic suspense that in my opinion must be read in the daylight. Maybe I’m too easily scared, but I was very thankful for the long daylight hours we have right now and a house-full of people as I read this story, because if I’d been home alone at night I guarantee I’d have been too scared to sleep. That being said, I enjoyed this book.:)

Molly Hamilton flees a bad situation and lands in the midst of an even more harrowing situation when she returns to the same summer camp she’d attended as a high school student to be the camp nurse for the summer. She chose to go there because it is the last place she remembers being truly happy. But her happy place quickly turns into a nightmare.

Nick White inherited Hope Springs church camp from his grandfather, and after serving in the military as a Chaplin he is ready for a change of pace. He takes on the role as camp director when his cousin the old director disappears. A week later his old high school girl friend shows up and claims to have been hired to be the camp nurse. He keeps her on, but things at the camp are not right. Someone is trying to scare the staff and campers and the pranks are escalating.

Ricochet is a somewhat fast paced read with a good mix of romance and suspense.

Contract News!

For over a month now I’ve struggled to stay quiet about this, but now I can finally announce– Heartsong Presents, an imprint of Harlequin, has contracted three books from me. I am ecstatic! Special thanks to my agent, Tamela Hancock Murrray for her unfailing confidence in me and to my amazing critique partners.

The series will take place in Leavenworth WA, a Bavaria themed village. I’ve posted several pictures from my latest visit to the town. Each of these locations are featured in the series. I hope you enjoy. If you would like to see more pictures check out my Facebook page

The Park in the village

The Gingerbread House
They make the yummiest cookies!

The Wenatchee River
There is a wonderful trail along the river just steps from the village.