Money Saving Tips

Interested in saving a little money? Keep reading for five proven ways to ease the strain on your budget.

1. Avoid multiple trips to the store. Plan to do everything at once. This involves planning ahead. For example I know I will be having lunch with a friend this week across town, so I have also planned to stop at the DMV and a few other nearby places at the same time. This cuts down on gas and time.

2. Buy used for items that makes sense. For example quality clothing in new condition, vehicles, exercise equipment. There are many other things out there that are a better buy when purchased used and will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

3. Pay attention to the Sunday paper. There are coupons offered that often match up to items that are also on sale that same week. Often times with the coupon the item can be free or nearly free. See point #1, don’t make a special trip just for that item unless it’s close by, or your savings goes down the drain.

4. Empty your vehicle of all non-essentials and keep your tire pressure at optimum for your specific tire. This has been proven to save on gas millage. Along the same idea, keeping your oil change an car in optimal condition will also save you money in gas and repairs over time.

5. Reuse things that you might ordinarily toss. For example if I use a piece of tin foil in place of a pan for a loaf of bread in the oven I then wrap the left overs in that loaf.

Use good judgement when reusing items. I never reuse something that could cause cross contamination, and of course I always wash foil and gallon size plastic bags in hot soapy water before reusing.

I hope these tips help you save a little money. What tips do you have to offer? I’m always looking for ways to save money.


2 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips

  1. Tamela Hancock Murray

    When you said, “avoid multiple trips” I didn’t realize you were talking about gas and time, but you are so right. And there is another reason. I avoid going to the grocery store more than once a week because if I don’t , then I don’t see something extra to bring home. If I go out of turn, I see cookies or something extra I don’t need! Saves money and calories to keep the trips to once a week.


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