My Foolish Heart

My foolish Heart, by Susan May Warren is an inspiring romance that will make you want to be a better person. I imagaine you never thought you’d read a sentence like that in connection to a romance book.:)

Issy is Miss Foolish Heart, a call in radio show host, who dispenses romance advice to the lovelorn. The catch is, which no one knows but her boss, she is virtually a hermit locked away in her house too afraid of having a panic attack to go much further than a run around the block. In addition she’s never even been on a date!

Caleb Knight moves to Deep Haven to be the next football coach. He has his work cut out for him though because a former local football hero has come back to town with the same intention. The school board decides to have a little fun and thrusts the men into a scrimmage playoff. The winning coach will get the job. But Caleb has a secret he didn’t share with the school board and that secret could cost him his position.

Lucy Maguire AKA The Donut Lady is Issy’s best friend and her life line to the outside world. Lucy makes sure Issy has food and a supply of donuts. But sales at World’s Best Donuts are down, and Lucy is in danger of loosing her business. Then her high school boyfriend comes back to town and offers to help her with a business plan.

My Foolish Heart is well worth your time. It’s like reading two romances for the price of one since Lucy and Issy both have a romance in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn’t put my Kindle down.

Last I checked if you have an Amazon Prime membership you can borrow My Foolish Heart for free. Make sure you check the price for sure though because these things change daily.


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