Do you have Five Minutes?

Over the past four weeks I’ve shared about managing time, and recently I was reminded of a person I once knew who complained she never had more than five free minutes at a time which wasn’t enough time to accomplish anything. I beg to differ. Here’s a short list of five minute tasks. It’s not comprehensive by any means, but meant to point out that important tasks can be accomplished even when you only have five minutes.

1. Skim email for for important messages

2. Wash dishes

3. Clean the bathroom

4.  Make the bed–this job should leave you with time to spare

5. De-clutter the family room–if super messy toss clutter into a laundry basket and sort as time allows.

6. Make breakfast or lunch

7. Sweep off the porch

8. Practice a musical instrument–Although you may need to find several more five minute increments to learn a song:)

9. Close your eyes and relax

10. Stretch

Now it’s your turn. What can you accomplish in five minutes?


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