Boot camp for the Time Challenged Part 2

Last week I challenged you to determine what is important to you and to begin to cut the non-essentials from your life. How did that go? Did you find something you could cut from your day? From your week? Continue reading to find out what is next.

Schedule your day–This strategy may or may not work for you, but I have found it to be essential. I am self-employed and a full-time mom. Without a set schedule I would never accomplish everything I need to do. A typical school day goes as follows for me. Flexibility is key for me so I don’t become discouraged when something doesn’t go as planned. You will need to make changes according to your life style and needs.

5:45 Wake up

6:00-6:30 Exercise

6:30-6:50 Shower etc…

Run kids to school

7:00-8:00 Breakfast, devotions, clean kitchen

8:00-9:30 Social media: email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc…

9:30 -11:00 Write

11:00 Break for lunch

11:30 Clean the house

1:00-2:00 Read–This is a priority since I review books and want to stay up on what is current


This is only a rough outline of how my day will ideally go. Clearly I’ve allowed more time than necessary in some areas. This is to allow for those unexpected things that inevitably pop up. Most days I’m doing laundry when I’m trying to write, fielding calls and/or urgent emails, and on occasion I have appointments to go to. I plan ahead for those appointments so I don’t get behind with my writing. I set goals for myself and if I exceed them then I can back off on busier days.

Keep in mind everyone’s day will look different. I’m a morning person, so my best time to think is early. If I had to be creative after three or four in the afternoon I’d never write anything. I’m aware that there is more to a day than what you see in my schedule above, but somehow it all works and I don’t feel overwhelmed. Keep in mind this is only a rough outline–figure out what works for you.

Check back next week for organization strategies that will free up your time for more important things, like that book you’ve been dying to read:)


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