From A Distance

Historical romance, From a Distance by Tamera Alexander is book one in the Timber Ridge Reflections series.

Photographer Elizabeth Garrett is on the job interview of a lifetime for the Washington Daily Chronicle. If she succeeds in her mission she will be the first female staff photographer and  journalist the Chronicle has ever hired. She heads West to Colorado to photograph the amazing scenery and wildlife. She especially wants to meet the Ute to photograph and interview them. But only one man, Daniel Ranslett, has contact with the tribe and he isn’t interested in helping.

Daniel Ranslett lives a solitary life in the mountains until he shoots the elk of a lifetime and comes face to face with the stubborn Miss Garrett who demands he take her out hunting after he shoots the elk she was about to photograph.

I won’t tell you anymore, because I don’t want to spoil the story for you. There were elements of danger, mystery, heart warming relationships, and angst all wrapped up to create an entertaining hard-to-put-down novel. I thoroughly enjoyed From a Distance.


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